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56 Super Bowl Prop Bets (with Printable Prop Sheet) - Rams vs. Bengals

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56 Super Bowl Prop Bets (with Printable Prop Sheet) - Rams vs. Bengals
Von Miller of the Los Angeles Rams reacts during the second quarter of the game against the Arizona Cardinals. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images via AFP.

The Cincinnati Bengals will host the Los Angeles Rams for Super Bowl 56 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, on Sunday, Feb. 13. With hundreds of props available across legal U.S. sportsbooks, we highlight some of our favorite 2022 Super Bowl prop bets.

Each year the betting menu expands and the sportsbooks provide us with new and interesting props for the Super Bowl. With many legal sportsbooks available across the United States, we have never had such a wide selection of props to bet on for the Super Bowl.

Those days of simply wagering on a team to win or cover the spread are long gone. Now, you can attack the game from many different angles and take a position on almost every aspect of it.

Is it possible for Rams QB Matthew Stafford and receiver Van Jefferson to record the most passing and receiving yards during the game? Who will collect the first sack? During the Super Bowl, how many penalties will official Ron Torbert and his crew call?

Here are my top 56 prop bets for the 2022 Super Bowl from legal U.S. sportsbooks.

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What are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

Typically, player props include a specific number with a total, and the bettor must predict whether the prop will land Over or Under the given number. For example, Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s passing yards could be set at 282.5 with odds around -110 on either side.

Most game props are team-based and will give you a total where you can bet either the Under or Over. For instance, the Bengals have a team total of 24.5 points. It is then possible to place a wager on whether they will go Over or Under that line.

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Immediately following the conclusion of the AFC and NFC Championship games, bookmakers locked markets and came up with the most elaborate menu of betting markets seen all season.

Bettors can reap the benefits of stalking their mobile app the moment props are released. This is an effective way to get the highest numbers on some of these props prior to their move.

Early wagers, before the odds are adjusted, open the possibility of coming back later in the week and betting on the opposite side to create a middle opportunity.

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Printable Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet

Print our Super Bowl prop bet sheet and challenge your friends! Open it up, click File at top left, click Print. Pass it out at your Super Bowl party and get everyone to circle their prop bet selection (yes/no, over/under, etc). At the end of the game tally them up and declare a winner!

Super Bowl Player Props

Player to record a lost fumble: Cam Akers (+450) via BetRivers

In the Divisional Round, Akers fumbled twice against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If the Rams are leading, we have already seen head coach Sean McVay get conservative and give Akers a large number of carries. A Bengals defender is certain to be aware of the scouting report and may even be willing to give up some additional rushing yards in exchange for a punch at the ball.

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Player to commit first turnover: Akers (+1200) via Caesars Sportsbook

If you like the idea of Akers losing a fumble but want a longer number, this is another way to attack the fumble issue he recently demonstrated against the Buccaneers.

Anytime touchdown scorer: Matthew Stafford (+900) via BetMGM

Stafford has rushed for two touchdowns this postseason, which means he has scored a touchdown in 10% of his games, including the regular season. Considering that +900 has an implied probability of 10%, this number is on target with his season average. Stafford is one of the most skilled quarterbacks in the NFL when it comes to the QB sneak. Due to this, I would buy the +900 at BetMGM, but I would stay away from the +600 at FanDuel Sportsbook, which is way too short.

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Player to record longest reception: Van Jefferson (+900) via Barstool Sportsbook

Jefferson is someone Stafford could connect with on a home run ball with so much attention being paid to Odell Beckham Jr., and Cooper Kupp. There have already been multiple instances this season, as Jefferson has catches of 67, 68, and 79 yards. The +900 odds are attractive for a player of his skillset and the method in which he is utilized in the offense that corresponds to this prop.

First touchdown scorer: Stafford (+6600) via BetMGM

If you are going to bet on Stafford scoring anytime, you may as well add a bet on him scoring the first touchdown of the game. Currently, the only sportsbook where I would make this wager is BetMGM where he is +6600. FanDuel has him at +3200.

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Anytime touchdown scorer: Darrell Henderson Jr. (+650) via BetRivers

Henderson was designated to return from the injured reserve prior to the Rams’ game against the Buccaneers. You would think that he would be ready for the Super Bowl, which occurs one month after he was made eligible for a return.

At BetRivers, the +650 bet is significantly longer than any other sportsbook is willing to put on Henderson for an anytime touchdown. A fantastic price shopping opportunity exists, as DraftKings Sportsbook currently has him listed at +250 for a touchdown.

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First touchdown scorer: Henderson (+3300) via BetRivers

In the same manner as his anytime touchdown prop at BetRivers, there is an opportunity to capitalize on a massive difference of opinion on a Henderson touchdown from BetRivers. There is no reason why he could not be activated before the game and lead the Rams backfield in touches. It is for this reason that you should price shop, Henderson is +3300 for the first touchdown at BetRivers while only +1600 at DraftKings.

Total rushing attempts: Akers Under 16.5 (-110) via DraftKings Sportsbook

Akers’ carries decreased from 24 to 13 in the NFC Championship after fumbling twice in the Divisional Round. Since Henderson could be back in the mix for the Super Bowl, I believe Akers will go under on his rushing attempts.

Total rushing attempts: Joe Mixon Over 16.5 (-120) via DraftKings

In 12 of the 19 games that Mixon played this season, he went over 16.5 rushing attempts, which is 63.15% of the time. An implied probability of 54.55% is associated with a price of -120. I like Mixon at this price, provided that the juice remains at this number.

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Receiving yards – Tee Higgins vs. Odell Beckham Jr.: Beckham (+105) via Barstool

It appears that Stafford and Beckham found chemistry beyond just the red zone at the right time. Beckham is coming off of his most impressive performance since joining the Rams, which included nine receptions for 113 yards against the San Francisco 49ers. With this prop juiced toward Higgins, I like the +105 price point for Beckham.

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Anytime touchdown: Joe Burrow (+550) via BetMGM

Quarterbacks consistently demonstrate a willingness to run during meaningful games. Well, the Super Bowl is a game that holds a great deal of significance, and Burrow has previously demonstrated his ability to run.

You can find the longest price for this prop at BetMGM, where it is +550. BetRivers has him as short as +425 for a touchdown at any time.

Anytime touchdown: Samaje Perine (+750) via BetMGM

Against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, Perine housed a screen pass, but this play is more about the price being offered. Perine’s odds are +750 on BetMGM to score an anytime touchdown, whereas he is +350 on PointsBet. I am simply attacking a number with Perine at +750. 

To score 2+ touchdowns: Cooper Kupp (+350) via BetRivers

This season, Kupp has scored two or more touchdowns six times. Therefore, he has hit on this prop 30% of the time. Using odds of +350, BetRivers predicts that he has a 22.2% chance of hitting this prop. It is excellent value for someone who is cashing in on this prop at a 30% clip. Kupp’s longest price is at BetRivers, where he is listed at +350, while BetMGM has him at +200.

Total passing yards: Stafford Over 299.5 (+132) via BetRivers

Stafford passed for more than 299.5 yards nine time this season. Given a price of +132, the implied odds for this proposition are 43.10%. This prop was hit by Stafford at a rate of 45% this season, so there is some value in taking the Over. Stafford also had two games where he threw for 294 yards and 295 yards, so he was really close to hitting this prop 11 times over 20 contests.

Player passer rating Stafford: Over 99.5 (-112) via BetRivers

Stafford has been excellent during the playoffs and the Bengals’ pass defense is average at best. This prop should be easily passed if he targets the person Bengals cornerback Eli Apple is guarding. Stafford’s passer rating was better than 99.5 11 times this season.

Player to attempt the most passes: Burrow (-112) via BetRivers

I evaluated this prop by correlating it to what I believe will happen in this game. In losses this season, Burrow averaged 36 passing attempts. Stafford averaged 32.3 passing attempts in games won by the Rams.

Anytime touchdown: Beckham (+140) via BetMGM

Beckham has been more productive in the red zone than in terms of overall yardage since joining the Rams. He has scored six touchdowns in 11 games. This means he has scored an anytime TD in 54.5% of the games that he has played with the team. The implied probability of Beckham scoring a touchdown at BetMGM is only 41.67% at +140.

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Player receptions: Kupp Over 8.5 (+105) via BetRivers

Kupp recorded more than eight receptions at a 55% clip this season. Based on his odds of +105, BetRivers has estimated that this prop has an implied probability of 48.78%. This prop is worth purchasing at the +105 price point.

Passing and receiving yards leaders in Game Exacta: Stafford/Jefferson (+5000) via Caesars

This prop has been priced as if Stafford and Jefferson are unable to cash it in. In Week 4, against the Arizona Cardinals, the duo led the game in passing and receiving yards. The +5000 odds seem high for something that isn’t out of the question.

Passing and receiving yards leaders in Game Exacta: Burrow/Boyd (+2500) via Caesars

In three Bengals games this season, Boyd and Burrow led the team in receiving and passing yards. Using a price of +2500, the implied probability of this prop hitting is 3.85%. In reality, this prop has hit at a rate of 15.78%. While I am not running to bet this prop, I do see some value in the +2500 they’re offering.

Player to record first sack: Von Miller (+400) via DraftKings

During Miller’s last seven games for the Rams, he has registered five sacks. Since Donald will receive special attention on the inside, I will take slightly longer odds on Miller recording the first sack in this game.

Samaje Perine total rushing and receiving yards: Over 15.5 (-105) via DraftKings

With a price of -105, the implied probability of Perine going over his 15.5-yard total is 51.22%. Perine exceeded this total 11 times this season, for a percentage of 57.8%. Perine scored on a screen pass in the AFC Championship, and he offers value at -105.

Will Sam Hubbard record a sack: Yes (+200) via Caesars

Sometimes, you have to look past the analytics in order to recognize that something magical may be taking place here. Hubbard said this week that the Bengals will win the Super Bowl for Harambe. How on earth does Hubbard not get a sack with Harambe on his side?

Total defensive tackles – Eli Apple: Under 3.5 (+100) via Caesars

Throughout the past few weeks, Apple has been getting roasted on Twitter by football fans, and I think this has created some value for his Under. In 78.9% of Apple’s games this season, he recorded fewer than 3.5 tackles and the implied probability on this wager is 50%. There is value on the Under for Apple’s total defensive tackles at a price of +100.

Kicking points – Evan McPherson: Over 7.5 (-112) via BetRivers

In each of his last seven games for the Bengals, McPherson has scored over 7.5 points. His confidence is at an all-time high and playing at SoFi Stadium will make kicking conditions much easier for him. At BetRivers, he is available at -112 odds to score Over 7.5 points. At sportsbooks such as DraftKings, his odds of exceeding 7.5 points are much shorter, at -140.

Kicking points – Matt Gay: Over 7.5 (-115) via BetMGM

Gay has scored more than 7.5 points in 15 of the 20 games he has played this season. The Rams are going to score, and Gay will feel right at home at SoFi Stadium. At DraftKings, the Over is priced at -130, while at BetMGM it is offered at -115.

2022 Super Bowl Team Props

Total players to attempt a pass: Over 2.5 (+150) via BetRivers

I like the plus money on this prop, especially with offensively oriented head coaches on both sides. Besides Stafford and Burrow, four different players have attempted passes this season for the Rams and Bengals: Beckham, Kupp, and Rams punter Johnny Hekker for the Rams and Boyd attempted a pass for the Bengals earlier in the season.

Team to have the longest successful field goal: Bengals (-115) via Caesars

If McPherson attempts a long field goal, he will most likely make it. That cannot be said for Gay. Furthermore, the Bengals will be more willing than the Rams to attempt long field goals.

Total yards of longest successful field goal: Over 47.5 (-108) via BetRivers

McPherson was the top kicker in the NFL this season, and he will be playing in the Super Bowl, so that must matter. In my opinion, the Bengals will not hesitate in allowing McPherson to kick one from distance, since he has been so successful in the playoffs. It is likely that this will occur before the end of the half.

Total Rams to have a rushing attempt: Over 3.5 (-162) via BetRivers

Henderson’s return will ensure the Rams are able to have him, Sony Michel, and Akers all healthy for the first time this season. Having the option to utilize all three running backs in addition to Stafford and the wide receiver run McVay loves to employ, the Rams have a high likelihood to have more than 3.5 players carry the ball.

Total sacks: Over 5 (-125) via Caesars

While the Bengals’ offensive line has been noted for its struggles, this is more about a specific number in the prop. Caesars is the only sportsbook offering a 5 for total sacks in the game, as every other sportsbook has a line of 5.5.

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Rams total sacks: Over 3 (-130) via Caesars

With respect to the Rams’ total sacks, Caesars is the only sportsbook that offers a 3. All other books have this prop at 3.5. I am simply trying to get a lower total at Caesars on a prop where I like to bet the Over.

Any team to successfully recover an onside kick: Yes (+2500) via DraftKings

An onside kick in the Super Bowl would be the appropriate way to honor former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, who recently retired. If it helped the Saints win the Super Bowl against the Indianapolis Colts, maybe Bengals head coach Zac Taylor will be able to do the same for the Bengals

Total penalties: Under 9.5 (+101) via BetRivers

Torbert will call his first Super Bowl in his eighth season as an official. During the regular season, his crew threw the fourth-fewest flags in the NFL. Although he will not be officiating with his usual accompaniment, the crew chief is still in charge of how the game should be handled. He will communicate his directives to his fellow officials.

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Total accepted penalty yards by Bengals: Under 43.5 (-118) via BetRivers

It is expected that the officials will let them play and Torbert’s crew will not call as many penalties as usual. During the regular season, the Bengals averaged only 36.4 penalty yards against, the fewest in the NFL.

Total accepted penalty yards by Rams: Under 39.5 (-112) via BetRivers

According to penalty yards, the Bengals and Rams are two of the most disciplined teams in the NFL. The Rams averaged 37.4 penalty yards in the regular season, only the Bengals averaged fewer. The officials will be aware of the discipline of both teams and will not hunt for violations as they may when dealing with other teams.

Team to commit most penalties: Bengals (-114) via BetRivers

The Bengals will be wearing their black uniforms in the Super Bowl. It has been shown in sports psychology studies that teams wearing dark jerseys typically incur more penalties.

2022 Super Bowl Game Props

Points scored in first 7 minutes: No (+124) via FanDuel

Both quarterbacks will appear in the Super Bowl for the first time. As a result of nerves and conservative play-calling to ease them into the game, there should be no points in the first seven minutes.

Which team will be the first to use a coach’s challenge?: Bengals (-115) via BetMGM

Don’t be fooled by McVay’s two horrible challenges in the NFC Championship into thinking that he throws the challenge flag frequently. During the regular season, he challenged only two plays. After all of the criticism he received following the NFC Championship, he may be hesitant to challenge in the Super Bowl.

Opening kickoff to result in a touchback: No (+150) via Caesars

The opening kickoff typically results in a touchback in today’s NFL, however, the Super Bowl has always had a different outcome. As former Colts kicker Pat McAfee has stated before, the ball used on the opening kickoff is a special ball that feels like a rock. The ball is pulled out of the game and brought directly to the Hall of Fame. On the opening kickoff, the No for the touchback is on an 18-2 run. Take the plus money!

First Rams kickoff to result in a touchback: No (+155) via Barstool

Gay kicks off for the Rams, and we all remember him missing a 47-yard field goal against the Buccaneers due to an injury. If his leg is still injured, he may lack some power, and you might even be lucky enough to see him get the opening kickoff.

Largest lead of the game: Over 14.5 (+101) via BetRivers

As it is not uncommon for a team to score three unanswered scores in one game, this is simply a more cost-effective approach at a price of +101. In the AFC Championship Game, the Bengals were also trailing by more than 14.5 points before coming back and beating the Kansas City Chiefs.

Team with longest drive: Rams (-108) via BetRivers

The Bengals won’t be able to put together long, time-consuming drives with their disadvantage in the trenches against the Rams. As a result, I expect the Bengals to move the ball on more explosive plays. In the NFC Championship, the Rams completed a 19-play, 97-yard drive that took 9:33.

First accepted penalty type: False start (+450) via BetRivers

Although holding is the favorite at +275, I think false start should be the favorite. Officials will be instructed to let the players decide the game, as we have seen during the playoffs so far. Officials can ignore holding, but they cannot ignore an offensive lineman who blatantly jumps ahead of the play.

Either team to commit a roughing the passer penalty: Yes (+125) via BetRivers

Burrow will face significant pressure throughout the game as he was the most sacked quarterback in the NFL this season by a wide margin. With that much pressure on Burrow during the entire game, this prop is extremely attractive at its plus price. The Rams are likely to be close to sacking him on several occasions and may get a penalty by mistake.

Either team to win by exactly 3 points: Yes (+450) via Barstool

This season, the Bengals played in eight games decided by just three points, while the Rams played in four such games. At +450, this prop has an implied probability of 18.18%. As a result, the +450 has value since this prop hit at a higher rate than the 18.18% for the Rams and Bengals this season.

What will be more in the game – Total points vs. longest field goal made: Longest field goal (+125) via Caesars

At a price point of +125, the alternate total for this game is 45.5. The question is, do you think one of the kickers will make a field goal longer than 45.5 yards to enable you to get a better price on the alternate total for the Under? My money is on yes since McPherson is the best kicker in the NFL. A kicker hitting from 50-plus yards will have you laughing at the +125 price.

Super Bowl MVP Prop Bets

Super Bowl MVP: Aaron Donald (+2500) via Caesars

Donald has a real chance of winning the MVP award. Due to the Bengals’ struggling offensive line combined with Donald’s reputation as one of the greatest defensive players in the history of football, The future Hall of Famer has the narrative on his side. At Caesars, his odds of +2500 are the highest of any sportsbook. At BetMGM, he is as short as +1200.

Super Bowl MVP: Joe Burrow (+230) via FanDuel

It is unlikely that the Bengals will be able to win a Super Bowl without an MVP-caliber performance by Burrow. If the Bengals do win, I believe voters will do their part to justify voting for the second-year QB. I cannot see how anyone else on the Bengals would win the MVP award.

Super Bowl MVP – Stafford vs. The Field: The Field (-146) via FanDuel

Even if the Rams win the Super Bowl, Stafford will face stiff competition from his teammates for the award. Donald and Kupp are live underdogs to win the award if the Rams win the Super Bowl.

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Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

Combined jersey numbers of all touchdown scorers: Under 187.5 (-118) via Barstool

Considering Kupp (10), Beckham (3) and Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase (1) are the biggest threats to score and wear such low numbers, it is difficult to resist this prop. With a high total, touchdowns scored by running backs will not harm your Under. Since Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah and Rams TE Tyler Higbee are both injured, I really like the Under here.

Heads or tails: Tails (-103) via Barstool

Tails never fails. That’s the analysis.

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Team to win the coin toss: Rams (-103) via Barstool

If I am picking tails, I must select the Rams to win the coin toss. As the visiting team, they will have a decision to make in the air. Basically every player loves picking tails, so I am simply correlating this to my tails never fails theory.

Coin toss winner wins game: Yes (-104) via FanDuel

It establishes positive vibes at the beginning of the game when the coin toss is won. This one is an easy bet, the winner of the coin toss will carry momentum into the game and win the Super Bowl.

Jersey number of first touchdown scorer: Under 23.5 (-140) via DraftKings

If you bet Under the 23.5, you have four out of the top five favorites for an anytime touchdown. The combination of Kupp, Akers, Chase, Beckham, Jefferson, Burrow, and Stafford gives me a high likelihood of hitting the Under on this wager.

Jersey number of last touchdown scorer: Under 22.5 (-112) via Barstool

In this prop, Akers is lost since the number is set at 22.5, but the juice is -112 instead of -140 as in the previous prop. In a game where a team is trailing, one of the final touchdowns is likely to be a passing touchdown, so having Chase, Kupp, and Beckham on the Under is very appealing.

Halftime Prop Bets

Check your sportsbook of choice for halftime prop bets closer to the kickoff of Super Bowl 56 for their offering. Bet on which song will begin the halftime show and which others are likely to be included in the setlist.

Commercial Prop Bets

Commercial prop bets will be released at many sportsbooks later in the week. Bet on celebrity appearances or what certain brands will feature in their commercials.

Where to Bet on Super Bowl Props

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