Super Bowl Player & Score Prop Picks

Nila Amerova

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 7:53 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 7:53 PM UTC

Super Bowl Sunday serves up a whole slew of NFL props that are sure to maximize your betting thrills for the highly anticipated extravaganza. Let's look at the betting odds for some of our favorite NFL prop picks.

In fact, they are sure to top the fun charts over game betting markets across all sportsbook platforms, which are tighter than an Accountant’s wallet right now, crammed onto a 2-point spread for the game and with the Broncos lightning offense favoured at -125 NFL odds over the Seahawks suffocating defense at +105 to win outright.

Deciding which team to back in such a tight NFL betting landscape invariably comes down to personal preference and loyalty. Options are limited; schools of thought are divided between offense  and defense and which of these opposing strengths actually wins games; and, finally, it’s one outcome or the other really.

NFL props however present an opportunity to add your personal touch to a difficult situation such as predicting the Super Bowl outcome is. And the best part, the options are endless: sportsbooks have run the gamut here, offering every aspect of the game – from NFL player props that cover touchdown scorers and how many touchdowns a player will score to total rushing and receiving yards and, much, much more.

As well some sportsbooks take it a step further by offering fun prop bets on periphery factors such as the weather, the anthem, the halftime show and much, much more. Bearing in mind, last year’s Super Bowl experienced a power outage, fans can truly knock themselves out with these.

Check out live odds for Super Bowl Prop Betting

So if you are looking to prop up your Super Bowl betting experience with some fun or just additional NFL picks, here’s a look at some NFL props that we’ve highlighted for you.

One of the most popular NFL props has to be the first score method, which sportsbooks have released as follows: a touchdown is listed at -163, a field goal is listed at +125 while any other method is listed at a whopping +3300.

Now, it’s worth taking a look at the lead up to the Super Bowl where against New Orleans, Steven Hauschka provided two field goals in the first quarter to give the Seahawks a leg up. As well, he scored a second quarter field goal against San Francisco to cut the 49ers lead to seven points (10-3) going into halftime. Similarly, Matt Prater gave the Broncos the 3-0 lead over the Patriots in the first quarter before Jacob Tamme caught Peyton’s 1 yard pass to score a touchdown in the second quarter. It’s worth noting as well that the Patriots first score of the game came courtesy of Stephen Grotkowski’s foot. Only the Chargers game saw the Patriots score via touchdown to get proceedings underway.

If we were to take a liberty, find a word to describe the postseason games of our two finalists it would be caution; the footnote being to get on the scoreboard as quickly as possible without taking huge risks. If that principle prevails in the final showdown one would think the smart NFL prop pick therefore would be the field goal at +125 at Bet365.

Peyton Manning Super Bowl Prop Picks

What’s more, depending on which team you are backing to the victory (which is down to personal preference and loyalty), you might consider adding a prop bet on the team to score the field goal first, pairing it for instance, with Seahawks to score a field goal first that is listed at +365 or Broncos to score a field goal first that is listed at +350.

Of course, if you are leaning towards the touchdown, Seahawks to score the touchdown is listed at +200 while Broncos to open scoring with a touchdown is listed at +180.

If a touchdown is your thing you might consider a gander at picking the correct touchdown scorers for the game. The top NFL betting market favourite is Marshawn Lynch at -175 anytime. He’s also tipped at +500 to score both the first and last touchdown. Demaryius Thomas comes in as the second favourite at +100 to score a touchdown anytime followed by Knowshon Moreno and Eric Decker at +110 and +130 anytime. On the Bronco’s last outing, Peyton Manning conspicuously seemed to prefer Knowshon Moreno so if you are backing the Broncos to score first perhaps taking Moreno both to score anytime and first at +850 would be a good option. Then again, Decker had a memorable 4 TD night during the regular season so he might be the dark horse prop pick at +1000 NFL odds to score the Bronco’s first TD of the game.

This is just a small sampling of the endless options that are available to you to maximise your NFL betting thrills for the Super Bowl, the last Sunday of the NFL season as we know it. So what are you waiting for, check out these and many more NFL props at your choice sportsbooks. May the best team win!

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