Super Bowl Picks: Where the Value Lies Heading into Week 13

Joe Catalano

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 2:59 PM UTC

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014 2:59 PM UTC

Another week has passed as we enter Thanksgiving Day week and it's the New England Patriots that have made the greatest impact on odds makers as they are now the favorite to win the Super Bowl at 3/1. Take a look at some good bets that we have to offer with some nice longshots included in the mix.

A Step Back
Denver Broncos (5/1)
I'm not going to talk about the Patriots first, I'm going to mention how the Packers, Broncos, and Patriots were all listed at 9/2 odds last week. All three teams won their games yet it's the Denver Broncos that have actually regressed where the NFL odds are concerned at 5/1 while the Packers moved up to 4/1 and the Pats are listed at 3/1.

C.J. Anderson looked awfully good coming out of the backfield and catching passes while the combination of Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas were unstoppable against Miami. There is no reason why Denver moved back where the odds are concerned, but the bet is now more appealing.

The Patriots and Packers are both deserving of their odds due to their respective quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, but we have a long way to go and I'm not going to jump at New England at 3/1. I've seen them go 18-0 until they met a Giants team of destiny in a previous Super Bowl. Things can change in a hurry.


Ignore This Team
Arizona Cardinals (14/1)
They have the best record in football although they're coming off of a loss. Injuries occurred at the wrong time and at key positions for the Cardinals to have any chance to make it to the Super Bowl. I know that the Super Bowl will be played in the desert, but Arizona won't be playing there without Carson Palmer.


Appealing Odds
Dallas Cowboys (16/1)
I say it every week; the Cowboys are a steal of a deal at these odds. Now, Dallas managed to come back and beat the pesky Giants and move to 8-3 on the season. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant appear to have great chemistry while DeMarco Murray has a chance at running for 2000 yards this season. These odds are superb. I love this bet.


New Orleans Saints (40/1)
You are going to think that I'm out of my mind. New Orleans is co-leader of the NFC West Division at a pathetic 4-7. However, this is the only team in that division that can do damage. I've seen Drew Brees beat Aaron Rodgers this season. I actually thought the odds would be longer but I'm predicting that the Saints win their division and with Drew Brees at quarterback, they can win any given game. This is actually a good bet with great value for your NFL picks.


Don't Overlook!
Seattle Seahawks (12/1)
Just the fact that the defending world champions are 12/1, people should take notice. The Seahawks are likely to make the playoffs and they could have another run in them. Although they haven't played their best football this season, they're right behind Arizona in their division at 7-4 after a disappointing loss to Kansas City. The regular season isn't as important as the post-season where this defense is concerned. Although they're not my favorite team to win it all, coming off of a loss, you can even get the Seahawks at more attractive odds and this team is dangerous.

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