Super Bowl Picks: Where the Value Lies Heading into Week 11

Joe Catalano

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 3:53 PM UTC

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014 3:53 PM UTC

With week 10 in the books, it's time to take a look at some updated NFL Super Bowl Futures. Have any teams moved up or moved down throughout the last week and where does the value lie where placing a future bet?

With a large amount of teams such as New England (13/2) on the bye week this past week, their odds have remained the same, but there were a few teams that blew out their opposition and have become greater favorites where the NFL odds are concerned.



Green Bay Packers (15/2)
There have been complaints that nationally televised games have been blowouts like last night's Monday Night Football game in which Mark Sanchez and the Philadelphia Eagles blew out the Carolina Panthers.

This is the case for the Green Bay Packers who led the Chicago Bears 42-0 at halftime in a 55-14 blowout. You won't see a more lopsided game as Aaron Rodgers threw for 6 touchdowns in the first half alone. If not for respect for the opposing team, Rodgers could've set records and possibly thrown for 10 touchdowns. It appeared that nobody was covering Jordy Nelson. The Pack's stock has risen grately after the win over Chicago. These are very good odds as the Packers are led by the best quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers.


Indianapolis Colts (10/1)
The Colts haven't played in 8 days, but their Monday Night Football win last week over the New York Giants was very convincing. The Colts defeated New York 40-24 and the game was basically over when Indy was leading 40-10at the beginning of the 4th quarter. A good Super Bowl team needs a good quarterback and the Colts have the best quarterback of the future in Andrew Luck. Luck has everything that a person wants in a starting quarterback and is "Super Bowl Ready". Although the Colts aren't the favorites to win the Lombardi Trophy, these are very solid odds.


Philadelphia Eagles (12/1)
Although the Eagles defense put a beating on Cam Newton last night, these Super Bowl Props betting odds are definitely low as this blowout is fresh in the odds makers minds.

Mark Sanchez has flourished under head coach Chip Kelly's offensive scheme. We have to remember that Sanchez has been to two AFC Championship Games in the past before playing poorly as the New York Jets fell apart. I don't think that the Eagles are ready to win the Super Bowl with Sanchez. You can't win a Super Bowl without incorporating the running game in the offense with LeSean McCoy and that's basically what happened last night. I wouldn't put a penny on the Eagles where futures are concerned.


Favorites That Played

Denver Broncos- 13/4
It seems like everytime a Broncos running back goes down, another player takes his place and plays well. In this case, C.J, Anderson took over for an injured Ronnie Hillman and had a huge game. Speaking of huge games, Peyton Manning managed to involve Julius Thomas in the offense with multiple touchdowns and the Broncos looked on top of their game after a loss to New England last week. The question with Peyton Manning will always be "Can he win the Super Bowl?" The answer is the same; we'll have to see. I'm not in love with these odds because the regular season is a formality for Denver.


Longshots With a Chance

Pittsburgh Steelers 40/1
The Pittsburgh Steelers played an awful game against the New York Jets who had previously lost 8 games in a row. I think the loss has made Pittsburgh more appealing as a bet as their odds are longer. Yes, they did look terrible, but it had nothing to do with talent, it had to with committing turnovers. Pittsburgh is loaded with talent on both sides of the football and these odds are appealing and won't last.


Dallas Cowboys- 18/1
I've stuck with the Cowboys for the entire season and I'm not about to change my mind now. The odds are very appealing after a 31-17 win over the Jaguars in England. Tony Romo's back managed to stay intact as DeMarco Murray once again ran for 100 yards and Dez Bryant caught for 158 yards and 2 TD's.We have to remember that two of Dallas' losses are due, in my opinion, from Tony Romo being injured. If Romo can stay in the game, Dallas can go far into the playoffs.

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