Super Bowl Picks: Westgate Offering Over 400 Propositional Bets

Kevin Stott

Monday, February 1, 2016 2:20 PM UTC

Monday, Feb. 1, 2016 2:20 PM UTC

Let’s look at all the Alternate Points Spreads & Totals as well as some of the Props for this game being offered up at the SuperBook to come up with Super Bowl 50 picks.

Hundreds Of Proposition Wagers Available At SBR's Super Bowl 50 Betting Guide

Every year, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook here in Las Vegas comes out with a wonderful package of Props Bets and Alternate Spread and Totals Odds for the NFL’s Super Bowl and this year’s 28-page assemblage—with Props Bets on both sides of the 28 pages—does not disappoint. With so many already backing the favorite Carolina Panthers in the Big Game on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara with the line moving 2 points and more in some places, is approaching this game via the Props Bet and/or Alternate Spread route more value-laden?
Let’s take a  look first at the Alternate Point Spreads and Totals for Super Bowl 50 from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.


Alternate Point Spreads Super Bowl 50
Panthers -7½ +130, Broncos +7½ -150
Panthers -10½ +190, Broncos +10½ -220
Panthers -14½ +320, Broncos +14½ -380
Panthers -17½ +425, Broncos -17½ -550
Panthers -21½ +525, Broncos +21½ -750
Broncos -3½ +375, Panthers +3½ -450
Broncos -7½ +500, Panthers +7½ -700
Broncos -10½ +650 Panthers +10½ -1,000
Broncos -14½ +800 Panthers +14½ -1,400
Broncos -17½ +900 Panthers -17½ 1,600


Alternate Totals Super Bowl 50
Over 35½ -450, Under 35½ +375
Over 38½ -280, Under 38½ +240
Over 52½ +250, Under 52½ -300
Over 59½ +475, Under 59½ -650


One Super Bowl 50 Props Approach: Imagine A Specific Possibility & Then Just Run With It
This is a decent way to approach this game if you just want to have some fun and sort of go for it on a small scale. And what you think will happen in a played-out game in your own mind can be the dictator of what you decide to do in this specific quirky approach. For example, if you think Carolina will be able to continue its Offensive juggernaut against the best Defense in the NFL and will be able to score four to five TDs and win by around a 41-24 scoreline, then you can plug in the Alternate Point Spreads and really reap some value should your own personal scenario actually evolve on Sunday in the Golden State. With a Panthers, 41-24 score, the Alternate Carolina -14½ (+320) and Over 59½ (+450) Super Bowl Picks would hit, and hit in a big way. Or if you think the Broncos and Peyton Manning (50/1 Player to Score First TD, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) can hang in and can win this game—they certainly can—say, by a low, Broncos, 20-16 scoreline, you can back the Broncos -3½ (+375) and Under 38½ (+240) and also be rewarded nicely for thinking outside of that proverbial box they talk about.


Some Select Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets From the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook
Coin Toss — Heads -102, Tails -102
Will Either Team Score 4 Straight Times? — Yes +270, No -330
Total QB Sacks By Both Teams — 5 Over 110, Under -110
Longest FG of Game 45½ yards — Over +105, Under -125
Total FGs Both Teams —5 Over +105, Under -125
Total TDs Both Teams — 5 Over -130, Under +110
First TD — Passing -165, Any Other +145
Will There Be a Safety? — Yes +550, No -800
Will There Be Overtime? — Yes +550, No -800
Will There Be Special Teams or Defensive TD? — Yes +155, No -175
Will There Be a Successful 2-Point Conversion? — Yes +330, No -400
Total Interceptions By Both Teams—1½ Over -200, Under +175
Total Fumbles Lost By Both Teams—1½ Over +155, Under -175
Will The Team That Scores First Win The Game? — Yes -180, No +160
Will The Game Be Tied After 0-0? — Yes +110, No -130
Will Cam Newton Score a TD? — Yes +120, No -140
Total Different Number of Panthers To Score —3½ Over -120, Under Even
Total Net Yards By Both Teams —664½ Over -110, Under -110
Total TD Passes By Peyton Manning —1 Over -170, Under +150
Total TD Passes By Peyton Manning —1½ Over +140, Under -160
What Will Happen First? — Broncos Punt -215, Broncos Score +185
Who Will Throw A TD Pass First? — Cam Newton -165, Peyton Manning +145
Who Will Throw An Interception First? — Cam Newton +145, Peyton Manning -165
Jersey # Of Player To Score First TD —22½ Over 130, Under +110


Who Will Have More? Props Entertaining Subject To Too Much Randomness, Luck
Stephen Curry Points -4½ -110 or Carolina Panthers Points -110?
Kevin Durant Points -6½ -110 or Peyton Manning Completions -110?
Klay Thompson Points -1½ or Denver Broncos Points?
76ers 1Q Points -5½ -110 or Broncos 1st Downs -110?
Rory McIlroy 4th Round Score or Emmanuel Sanders Receiving Yards?
Neymar Goals PK -150 or Cam Newton TDs PK +130?
Lionel Messi Goals PK -175 or Panthers + Broncos 1Q FGs PK +155?
Chelsea + MUFC Goals PK +120 or Panthers + Broncos Rush TDs PK -140?
Cristiano Ronaldo Goals +120 or Graham Gano FGs Made -½ -140?
NHL Goals -1½ -140 or Panthers + Broncos 2Q Points +120 ?


Doubles Results For Super Bowl 50 (First Half/Second Half)
Carolina Panthers/Carolina Panthers 4/5
Carolina Panthers/Denver Broncos 10/1
Denver Broncos/Carolina Panthers 4/1
Denver Broncos/Denver Broncos 7/2
Tie/Carolina Panthers 8/1
Tie/Denver Broncos 15/1


Conclusions & How This Game Could Play Out & What May Be The Big Key
The SuperBook leaves few holes when it comes to these Super Bowl Props and it’s obvious how much Time and Manpower must be put into this endeavor. For example, with the (Prop) NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers 1st Quarter Points vs. the Denver Broncos total 1st Downs. On Sunday, the 76ers are playing the lowly Brooklyn Nets (12-36, 4-18 Road) and when these two Atlantic Division teams met back in December in Brooklyn, the 76ers only mustered 13 points in the 1st Quarter. So let’s assume Philadelphia scores in a 13-26-point range this Sunday against the Nets. Then think about the Denver Offense and the number of 1st Downs they may get, and it seems that 11-25 is a logical (large) range for this contest. And remember the -5½ you have to apply to the Sixers number and you can see why these are often a crapshoot, subject to so much randomness on just one Sunday in February when everything is put under the microscope. They’re definitely not given money away on Joe Brown Drive. And if you’re looking for a pick from this small phone book of Props Bets—which also includes some simpler stuff like “Will Owen Daniels Score a TD?” Yes +220, No -260) and “Will Luke Kuechly Intercept a Pass? (“Yes +230, No -270)—the “Will There Be a Successful 2-Point Conversion?” Prop and the Yes at +330 is very intriguing as it seems with the change in the XP Rules and all the choppiness in scoring may at least lead to an attempt at some point late in the 3rd Quarter or in the 4th Quarter and at that healthy price, it may he worth a small throw.

And how could this game play out? It seems that it will all come down to whether or not the Denver Defense can stop the Carolina Offense. The Santa Clara Weather (Forecast: Partly Cloudy, 70° in the afternoon, Clear, Low 47° on Sunday night) shouldn’t be a factor and it seems much of the pace will depend on the 1st Quarter itself and the amount of scoring. In my mind, this could actually be a Super Bowl where both teams score in all 4 quarters and if either the Broncos or Panthers get behind by double-digits fairly early on, you know that both Manning (7/2, Player to be Named MVP, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) and Newton (5/7, Player to be Named MVP, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) are going to sling the pigskin. So in short, this could be a shootout despite the perceived low Totals number (45, Pinnacle) and the Broncos much-ballyhooed Defense. One thing I think we’ll see here is Panthers QB Newton (Total Rushing Yards—39½, Over -110, Under -110, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) pulling the ball down when Receivers are covered and scrambling up-field for large chunks of yards, likely in Quarters 1-3 and the former Auburn star and Heisman Trophy Winner could easily top 50 yards (maybe on one play?) total Rushing in this game and the 26-year-old Newton’s strong legs and Rushing may be Carolina’s secret weapon in this game. And Newton is certainly driven enough, big enough (6-5, 245 pounds) and healthy enough to attack any NFL Defense. And this may end up being the key to winning this game.

Super Bowl 50 Props Bets Picks: Will Cam Newton Score a TD? Yes +120, Cam Newton Rushing Yards Over 39½ -110
Super Bowl 50 Alternate Point Spread/Total Value Picks: Panthers -10½ +190, Over 52½ +250

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