Super Bowl Picks: Opening NFL Odds for Super Bowl XLVII

Jordan Sharp

Monday, January 21, 2013 6:54 PM UTC

Monday, Jan. 21, 2013 6:54 PM UTC

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and the NFL odds are hot off of the press. How are we expecting the betting lines to move, and when and where will we find the best value for our NFL picks?


Super Bowl NFL Picks: Friday Odds & Line Movement Update

By: Jordan Sharp


It’s Friday, and although this is Pro Bowl weekend, the Super Bowl has been getting a lot of action on both sides of the spread. We still have over a week to go until the big game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look now and see where the money and value is going.

After most shops opened the line at -4 in favor of the 49ers, heavy action on the Ravens taking points has decreased the line down to -3 ½ in most cases, which I where I expected it to end up by the time game time rolls around. The 49ers should be favored in this game, but I expected more of the money to be on San Francisco. That is not the case.

The Ravens are taking over 60% of all bets being placed on this game, and 63% of all the money. The underdogs have had an impressive run as giant slayers, but do they have another round in them after three tough weeks of football?

The public sure thinks they do, and while I want to believe, it’s hard when there is nearly five times the amount of big bets (over $1000) on the 49ers. This is normally a sign that the public and squares are on Baltimore, while the sharp money is on the 49ers.

This could go one of two ways for the nest week. It could stay the way it has been going, and the Ravens will end up as +3 ½ underdogs, while the books will root for the Niners. Or, the sharps could just be waiting for the line to drop to an even -3 before unloading on the 49ers.

I’m thinking it’s the latter, so expect some money to come in on San Francisco before this time next week. I don’t think the line will drop to an even -3 at most shops, but if it does, expect some money to come in on San Francisco.


Super Bowl Opening Odds & Line Movement

By: Jordan Sharp


After a couple of great games last weekend, the 47th Super Bowl is finally set to take place. In two weeks, the Ravens and 49ers will travel down to New Orleans for an epic battle of blood versus blood. The Harbaugh family is feeling really good this morning, as both their sons are headed to the Super Bowl. While one will end in victory and the other defeat, this game should be nothing less than spectacular.

The opening NFL Odds for the Super Bowl are favoring the 49ers by -4, and a total of 47 ½. After being heavy underdogs throughout the playoffs, the Ravens are finally getting some respect from the books. I thought the line would settle around 3 ½ points, but I also thought it would open a bit higher than it sits now.

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A lot of people are very high on the 49ers in this game already, and last night after the Ravens finally got the game under control, I figured the Ravens would have been bigger underdogs once the spreads opened, possibly even as high as +5. That isn’t to say it won’t grow as this week and next week progress, I just thought that the books wouldn’t give the Ravens any love to begin with. Besides their matchup against Indianapolis, the Ravens have been heavy underdogs in both of their Divisional and Championship Round games.

We’ll have to see where the line goes here early in the week before I can start to judge where I think the line will end up. SBR's NFL Betting Consensus Reports will be able to show us where the money is going and how much of it is on either side, but until then we can only speculate as the line moves.

One book has the spread set at -3 ½ 49ers, which is where I thought the line would end up once the game started, and while the line could go down here early in the week, I doubt it will. If anything it will stay where it is now and possibly go up. I could see the public jumping on the 49ers this week, and then the Ravens getting some of the money back as next week approaches.

We will be covering all angles of this game; it’s spread, total, props and more as this week and next week progress, so keep your browser glued to SBR Forum for all of our NFL picks for this year's Super Bowl!

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