Super Bowl Picks, Odds & Predictions as we Enter Divisional Round

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 7:14 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014 7:14 PM UTC

We are down to only 8 teams remaining in the NFL playoffs, and we will be down to four before you know it. Let’s take an update look at some of the future odds available for wagering, and see if any of these teams has value to win the Super Bowl. These NFL Odds are courtesy of Bovada sportsbook.

Seahawks (+250)

Seattle is still the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl, and they have a meeting with the Saints as their first step. The Hawks already creamed New Orleans once this season in Seattle, so if this weekend’s game is anything similar, the Hawks are looking better and better. However +250 is still slightly overvaluing their chances as a very young team.

Broncos (+260)

Denver is right behind the Hawks, and I actually think they may be more overvalued than Seattle is. The Broncos have a tough matchup this weekend against the Chargers, a team that has beaten them once already in Denver this season. At +260, I would not touch Denver with a ten-foot pole. Remember what happened last season when they played a wildcard team as double-digit favorites?

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49ers (+500)

San Francisco could have some value, but I am one of the Panthers backers this week, so I can’t say I like the Niners’ future odds too much. For the price they are not a bad value at all, I just think they are going to lose this week, so naturally I can’t recommend them our NFL pick this week.

Patriots (+750)

New England is my first value team of the future odds this week, and for nearly 8/1 to win the Super Bowl, I see the Pats as finally having some value again. When Rob Gronkowski went down, I thought they were done, but their road to the Super Bowl isn’t that bad. They can beat the Colts this week and they have already beaten the Broncos once. Go ahead and take New England if you like them, because I certainly do at +750.

Panthers (+1100)

Another team I can’t help but like for the price is the Carolina Panthers. At over 10/1 to win the Super Bowl, the Panthers are extremely undervalued here. They are undervalued in the NFL Odds this week as home underdogs, and their entire defense has been undervalued all season. Along with the Pats, the Panthers are my second best bet in the Super Bowl NFL Odds.

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Colts (+1400)

The Colts had one of the best comebacks in recent memory in the wildcard round, but rest assured if they fall behind to the Patriots on the road, there will be no coming back. The Colts could definitely upset the Patriots, but they are going to have to play much better defense than they did in the wildcard round. In the end however, I think big brother, Tom Brady is going to take Andrew Luck to school one more time.

Saints (+1400)

New Orleans might have some value, and while I am going to fall short of saying they are another one of my future odds best bets, I could see them turning things around this week and giving the Hawks a run. At +1400 for the Super Bowl, I think they are pretty well priced, but for some reason, a Hawks dud here is seemingly possible.

Chargers (+1400)

Finally, the Chargers are also sitting at +1400, as they have dropped all the way from +4000 at this time last week. If you go back and check my first Super Bowl future odds update, you’ll know that I have already recommended a flier pick on the Chargers, but down to +1400, I can’t say I can do the same this week. I love their chances of beating the Broncos if Ryan Matthews is healthy, but the value is gone unless you got it on them last week. 

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