Super Bowl Picks: NFL Prop Betting Tips for Super Bowl

Jordan Sharp

Friday, January 10, 2014 3:29 PM UTC

Friday, Jan. 10, 2014 3:29 PM UTC

We are only three weeks from the biggest sports spectacle of our time, and a huge area of profit when it comes to the Super Bowl is prop betting. How can prop betting add a whole new dimension to your NFL picks this season?

Props are more plentiful than drunken people in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, and if you can think of a scenario, you can probably bet on it. From the coin toss to the final score, and from the length of the national anthem to the half time wardrobe malfunctions, you can pretty much wager on anything Super Bowl related.

Updated Super Bowl Picks & Betting Odds

So if you still do not understand, a prop is any wager that is not based on the final outcome of the game (although some still can be tied to the final outcome). You can have props on players, teams and more. For instance, common prop betting options for your NFL picks can include: 

-          What will the first score of the game be, a field goal, touchdown, safety, etc.…

-          Will either team score three unanswered times

-          Which team will score first

-          Which team calls the first timeout 

There are a ton of different team props, but player props can be just as valuable. Some different player props include: 

-          O/U X-amount of rushing yards for Running Back A

-          O/U X-amount of passing yards for Quarterback A

-          Quarterback A vs. Quarterback B who will have more passing yards

-          O/U rushing attempts for a certain player

-          Will Player X Score a touchdown

Prop betting has become almost bigger than the outcome of the game betting, and it really took off with exotic props Exotics can be almost anything, and some popular ones to come around the last five to ten years have made Super Bowl prop betting a huge business for the sportsbooks. These are just a few of the exotic props from recent Super Bowls that have nothing to do with the game. 

-Length of the national anthem

- How many times with the camera pan to a certain person sitting in the crowd

-Will the coin toss be heads or tails? 

Props can be really entertaining, but like any other bet, don’t just go throwing your money around on any prop that catches your eye. It’s a tough game to play much like betting spreads and totals. You need to do plenty of research and analysis on everything you wager on. Another tip is to lay off props that hold no real value on either side. For instance, betting on the coin toss or which team will make the first coaches challenge is normally just like blackjack, the house always has the edge no matter your ‘analysis’ or play. Basically, just stay away from props where your only ally is your luck.

However there are always a lot of props that have a ton of value in them, and the prices can be anywhere from laying money to +1000 and beyond. Some of my favorite props are touchdown props, which almost always have a lot of value, and certain team props as well. Once the championship games are done with, you should almost immediately see certain Super Bowl props coming onto NFL Odds boards all over the world.
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