Super Bowl Picks: Line Shopping for the Big Game

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 7:47 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 7:47 PM UTC

We are only two and a half weeks away from the kick off of the Super Bowl, and while we may not know the participants yet, we can still start to think about a plan of action for Super Bowl NFL Odds wagering.

Super Bowl Picks: Conference Championship Odds Report

I follow lines constantly, and for the Super Bowl, the sportsbooks will want to get the lines out as fast as possible. For the spread and total, the NFL Odds will likely come out very soon after the Seahawks and 49ers game ends. Sportsbooks like BetOnline and The Greek normally tend to send out lines quicker than most other books, however sometimes that opening line is a lot different once the other sportsbooks come out with theirs. However that doesn’t mean it won’t have value.

While the NFL Odds on the outcome of the game will likely be the first to surface, prop odds will likely start to trickle in as we hit next week. While there will immediately be some simpler props out, the more advanced team props, and most likely the player props won’t start to come up on NFL Odds boards until 7-12 days before kickoff. However this isn’t such a bad thing, because you still have plenty of time to study the props and wait for the NFL Odds to move in your favor.

Super Bowl Picks: NFL Prop Betting Tips for Super Bowl

Some of the best sportsbooks for props are my three B’s; Bovada, Bet365, and BetOnline. These three sportsbooks have the best combinations of team and player props in my opinion, and all three will likely have a hefty amount of exotic props once we get close to kickoff.

Lastly, don’t be hesitant to place an early week play on some of these NFL Odds. The closer we get to February 2nd, the harder it might be to find value in the NFL Odds, whether it is props or the spread. Usually right when the odds open is a good time to look for value, as well as around 24-48 hours before kickoff. Keep an eye on the SBR Forum NFL Odds page soon after the Seahawks and 49ers game ends, because the Super Bowl odds will likely be close behind the end of the NFC Championship game.

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