Super Bowl Picks: Early Super Bowl Prop Betting

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 6:24 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 6:24 PM UTC

Even though most sportsbooks are trying to settle their actual Super Bowl NFL Odds, there are a couple of sportsbooks that have Super Bowl props out and ready for wagering.

Let’s take an early look at some of these shops, and see what they have in store. For this article, I looked at the books I like to call, “The Three B’s.”

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Bet365 is normally the first book to have props available, and the Super Bowl is no different. This English based book already has a ton of team props available for the Super Bowl, and there are already some that could have some value.

Bet365 has team totals, touchdown totals, race to the points and even some alternative lines out right now for your betting pleasure. However much like they have done all season, player propositions won’t be out for quite some time.

Normally Bet365 has their player props out around 24 hours before the start of the games, but for the Super Bowl I have to imagine that they will be out sooner. When I reached out to Bet365 to inquire about the release of their player props for the Super Bowl, they informed me they do not have an exact date for the release of their player props. However when pressed on the matter, it sounds like there won’t be any released this week. It seems like by the time we get to practices next week however, there might be some action on 365 in the realm of player props.


Bovada currently has one prop up on their NFL Odds boards on Tuesday morning, and it’s one that a number of other books have as well, the Super Bowl MVP Prop. Currently at Bovada, the two quarterbacks are the favorites to win the MVP, followed by Marshawn Lynch and others. Below is a current list of Super Bowl MVP Odds from Bovada.

Peyton Manning – 8/5

Russell Wilson – 13/4

Marshawn Lynch – 6/1

Demaryius Thomas – 16/1

Percy Harvin – 16/1

Richard Sherman – 16/1

Wes Welker – 16/1

Knowshon Moreno – 18/1

Eric Decker – 20/1

Julius Thomas – 25/1

Obviously Manning is going to be the favorite, but Wilson’s price isn’t bad either at 13/4. I don’t think there is any way the Seahawks win and Wilson does not get the award, unless there is a bunch of bad weather and it goes to one of the defenders. Wilson might be the only player I’d touch for the price right now. There are a lot more choices in regards to MVP props on Bovada, however these are the top ten. Just in case you were wondering, Richard Sherman is by far the highest priced defender of any team. The next closest is safety, Earl Thomas at +3300.


While the last member of the ‘Three B’ club doesn’t currently have any props available, I can wager a guess that they will be out soon. Prop wagers are a big money business in the Super Bowl, and BOL would be wise to release at least some this week. I suspect that one of the first to be released will be their version of the Super Bowl MVP prop.

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