Super Bowl Odds on Trick Plays, Fines & Surprises: Spice Up Your NFL Picks With These Bets

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 5:28 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015 5:28 PM UTC

Crazy things happened this season. Can history repeats itself on the biggest NFL stage? We will be issuing lots of Super Bowl silliness, so let's see if we can cash in our NFL prop picks!

Golden Feet for Marshawn?
So the question is will Marshawn wear gold cleats or won't he?  The league caught wind of Lynch's ode to excess before the NFC Conference Championship game against Green Bay and put the kibosh on the Seattle power back.  The NFL threatened to keep him out of the game until he wore footwear that jibed with the rules and regs, namely team colors. 

But reports are circulating that Lynch has been whispering that he plans to don those golden shoes in the biggest game on the biggest stage.  But if so, the NFL has stated yet again they will not allow him to play unless he complies.  Sounds to me that even a guy like Lynch knows when he's been trumped.  The SBR Super Bowl prop odds on this wager is below.

Lynch wears the golden cleats on the field during play:                            

No  -750

Yes +500

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The Evil Genius
The indefatigable and undeflatable Bill Belichick has pulled some sketchy maneuvers in his day but the eligible/ineligible play he employed against the Baltimore Ravens that led to a 15 yard gain deep in Ravens territory had to be one of the most nefarious and at the same time ingenious.  It's quite possible Belichick will employ this again against the Seahawks.  Sure they might be looking for it but when what appears to be a slot receiver declares himself ineligible and is essentially acting as a lineman then the defense must identify which other player has replaced him as the eligible target.  All this has to be digested, tabulated and identified by the defense within a few seconds because when the ball is snapped, Tom Terrific gets locked on and the rest is history. 

Consider for a moment that Tom Brady completed 22 of 22 passes for 209 yards and 3 TDs when he unloaded the ball within two seconds of the snap versus the Ravens.  The Seahawks know just how lethal Brady can be in the blink of an eye and if Belichick goes to this well one more time it could have similar results with a big gain as the opposition scratches their heads.

So what are the Super Bowl prop odds that Belichick pulls this stunt again?

Patriots player declares himself ineligible before the ball is snapped:

No - 400

Yes +250

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Deep Sleep Jonas Gray
Jonas Gray must have felt like a superstar after his 201 rushing yards and four, count'em four, TD's against the Colts back on November 16th and then found his mug on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  It was heady stuff for an undrafted running back out of Notre Dame and perhaps gray felt a wee bit too secure about his spot on the roster when he overslept for a team practice the following week.  That was a mistake.

Since that time Bill Belichick has banished Gray to the doghouse as his 24 carries, 84 yards and one touchdown attests in eight games since.  It should also be noted that Belichick picked up the human steamroller LeGarrette Blount off waivers only four days after Gray's game-breaking performance and demonstrates once again that Belichick is the Pharaoh of Foxboro.

Thus, it makes us wonder if Jonas Gray will see the field at all on Sunday.  He got garbage time action at the very end of the AFC Conference Championship game but if this isn't a blowout, will he see the gridiron at all?  Let's offer Super Bowl prop odds on Jonas Gray seeing action.

Jonas Gray will be on the field for at least one snap.

No -120

Yes -120

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