Super Bowl MVP Odds & Picks

Jordan Sharp

Monday, January 27, 2014 6:08 PM UTC

Monday, Jan. 27, 2014 6:08 PM UTC

While there are many choices when it comes to the Super Bowl MVP prop odds, I am here to give you a rundown on the top ten favorites, and which ones I think have the best value.

These particular NFL Odds are courtesy of Bet365 sportsbook

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Peyton Manning (+100) 

You almost can’t go wrong with Manning at this price, because you have to think that if the Broncos win, Manning is going to be the main and most valuable reason why. At +100, Bet365 might be giving away free money if this one goes down like I think, and I fully endorse anyone wanting to take a shot at Manning’s MVP price. 

Russell Wilson (+320) 

The Hawks’ quarterback might not be a bad wager either, and for the price, I’m not really excited, but I like it enough to label a favorite. While Wilson brings on more risk, his ability to have a standout game to beat Manning is there. The only problem is this next guy had a greater chance of being the MVP if the Hawks win.

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Marshawn Lynch (+450) 

Not only do I love this price, but if you like the Hawks, Beats Mode might be the guy to win the MVP as well. 9/2 is amazing value considering his importance to the Seahawks and his usage rate on offense. I can almost make the argument that he should be priced about the same as Wilson, so Lynch is definitely on the favorites list.

Demaryius Thomas (+2200) 

After the big three favorites, there is a huge drop off to the rest of the top ten, and the next highest is Thomas at 22/1. Taking Thomas here is an unnecessary risk, considering Manning could be finding anyone of his receivers. It could be especially square if Richard Sherman is on Thomas all game.

Percy Harvin (+2200) 

With word that Harvin is practicing and looks good to play, his price here is another one of my favorites. Harvin is the wildcard for this game, and if he shows up big or disappears is going to go a long way to who wins this game. For the price, I am all for taking a shot at it. 135 all purpose yards might be enough to get it if the Seahawks win of course.

Knowshon Moreno (+2500)

I am about as excited for Moreno as I am about another financial crisis. Moreno has been a key force for the Broncos, and while his presence will be huge, his recent injury and going up against the Hawks; defense takes every last bit of upside away from Moreno. I am fading. 

Eric Decker (+2800)

Decker is a little more valuable than Thomas as Broncos’ receivers go, however once again, you’re betting against Panning if you take a Broncos receiver, so it really doesn’t make much since to wager on any Denver WR. I doubt a co-MVP would happen with Manning and one of his WRs. 

Richard Sherman (+2800) 

While Sherman is a nice dark horse candidate for the MVP, his price is not where a corner’s price should be. He needs to be +3500 or higher for me to even consider his NFL Odds here, and with all the recent attention given to him has the sportsbooks bumping his price for all the suckers out there. Just keep fading away.

Wes Welker (+3300) 

When I first looked at these NFL Odds for Welker, I though they might be ok, but his impact hasn’t been MVP level for the Broncos, and it really poses more risk than I want in a prop wager like this.

Julius Thomas (+4000)

Thomas comes in last, but with him it’s kind of the same scenario that Moreno is going through. Going up against the tough Seahawks defense along with it being a bad matchup all together makes Thomas fade material.

The Sharp Pick 

I think the three favorites and Percy Harvin are the way to go in this one. No other Bronco than Manning is going to win the award if Denver wins the game, and I doubt any other Hawks player could be MVP other than Lynch, Wilson and Harvin. I would go big on Manning and hedge with a combination of the Seahawks’ offensive players.
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