Super Bowl LI Best Exotic Props Picks Include Gatorade & Gaga

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Kevin Stott

Monday, January 30, 2017 7:44 PM UTC

Monday, Jan. 30, 2017 7:44 PM UTC

Sportsbooks often come up with a number of exotic Super Bowl bets, and this year is no different with the length of the national anthem, clothing, hair color, liquid color and even things like who the game’s MVP will thank first. Let’s look at few of those props and our picks.

Exotic Super Bowl 51 Props

Offshore sportsbooks have created many interesting Super Bowl 51 exotic props bets on top of the standard coin toss (Heads -105, Tails -105, Bovada), length of the singing the national anthem (2:15 -120, Bovada) or if country star Luke Bryan will be wearing blue jeans or not (Yes -250, No +170, Bovada) when singing it.

We also have odds up on what color liquid will be poured on the winning coach, who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first (if anyone) and what song Lady Gaga will open with at halftime as well as "Will her hair color be blonde for her opening song?"(Yes -400, No +200, Bovada) Blonde seems to be a lock (get it?) as photos of her practicing this weekend reveal a beautiful Gaga dressed in red while that golden mane. View the full list of offshore props here.

Lady Gaga’s First Song Odds

Bad Romance +110

Field +225

The Edge of Glory +250

Born This Way +600

Just Dance +700

Applause +1000

Poker Face +1200

Paparazzi +1500

Pick: Field +225 (

Why? "The field" (2/1) bet here may have some profit as despite reports of dancers rehearsing to her classic “Bad Romance” (+110), a popular song off her latest album "Joanne," titled “A-YO” could be the call here in "the field" bet which also includes having everything else not listed, including covers.

Lady Gaga led off her "Saturday Night Live" performance Oct. 22 with “A-YO,” and its catchy beat would be a great choice to get her halftime show off to an energetic start although “Born This Way” (+600 down from +700) might provide the same electricity, but most would be more familiar with “Bad Romance” (+110) maybe another thought by oddsmakers -- besides the rehearsals -- in making it the chalk.


Color Liquid Dumped On Winning Head Coach? (Bovada, Jan. 30)

Yellow +300

Orange +300

Clear/Water +300

Lime/Green +350

Blue +500

Red +600

Purple +1200

Pick: Orange +300 (Bovada)

Why? Red stains and has never been used, nor has lime/green while it seems blue (once, steamed down from +750 to +500 Monday), purple (twice), clear (Super Bowls 39-42) are now rare, so we’ve eliminated over half of the field already? And what makes me think grumpy old Uncle Bill Belichick might not even want any celebratory liquid poured on his head should the Patriots (-144 Moneyline, Pinnacle) win? Orange has flowed 2 of L3 and 4 of L8 Super Bowls and is an old-fashioned Gatorade color champs love which looks cool in pictures.


Who Will Super Bowl MVP Thank First? (Bovada, Jan. 30)

Teammates +130

God +225

Does Not Thank, Mention Any on List +275

Family +400

Fans/City +400

Coaches/Owner +600

President Trump +50,000

Pick: Teammates +130

Why? Odds are either Matt Ryan or Tom Brady wins this, and with the Deflategate cloud still hanging over the latter’s head. ... When asked in an ESPN interview with Chris Berman on Sunday what it would mean to have the Super Bowl 51 trophy handed to him by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the Patriots QB quickly took the high road and talked about “team,” meaning if he’s MVP, his teammates will likely be the first thanked.

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