Super Bowl 50 Picks: Special Props That Add Betting Value

Matthew Jordan

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 9:26 PM UTC

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016 9:26 PM UTC

During the NFL regular season, I weekly looked at some Bovada team/player NFL odds specials. And predictably for Sunday's Super Bowl between Carolina and Denver, there are dozens and dozens to choose from. Here are a few of my top recommendations.

Peyton Manning Retirement Props
The first prop offered is that Denver wins the Super Bowl, Manning does retire at some point this offseason, the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA title and Spurs center Tim Duncan, a future first-ballot Hall of Famer like Manning, retires. That prop is yes-only on NFL odds at +2000. Will Manning announce his retirement in the post-game interview? Yes is +500 and no -1000. Will Peyton Manning be seen crying at any point during the broadcast? Yes is +500 and no -1000.

There's no doubt in my mind that Manning is going to retire after this season, win or lose. He's simply  not a very good starting quarterback these days and will be 40 soon. Reports are that he has already told close friends that this will be his final game. He also is going to need hip replacement surgery at some point and of course his neck has had multiple surgeries. It wouldn't shock me if Manning told his teammates right before the Super Bowl in one last pep talk or something. Although there is now talk the Los Angeles Rams would like to sign Manning for next season if the Broncos don't want him back and Manning still wants to return. As far as Manning announcing his retirement in a post-game interview, that's really a somewhat me-first move that Manning isn't known for. I'm sure he will take at least a few weeks after the season to talk to his family and then make it official. I actually think the Broncos will win this game. There's also no doubt in my mind that Duncan calls it quits after this season. The Spurs already have his replacement on the roster in LaMarcus Aldridge. Could San Antonio win the title? It's the third favorite behind Golden State and Cleveland. If the Spurs could somehow upset the Warriors in the West, they should beat the Cavs.

NFL Picks: Not bad value to roll the dice on the yes-only one, but I don't see all those happening on the first prop. No on the post-game announcement, but I think the crying could happen if Manning wins.


Super Bowl 50 Vs. Sunday NBA Games
You can wager on the number of assists by Clippers point guard Chris Paul vs. the number of first-half points by Denver against the Panthers. Both totals are -120 on Super Bowl picks. Paul and Co are in Miami for an afternoon nationally televised NBA game on Super Bowl Sunday. Paul is averaging 9.5 assists per game, which is fourth in the NBA. His season high is 19 on Jan. 6 at Portland. The Clippers hosted the Heat on Jan. 13 and won 104-90. Paul had 12 assists. Denver had nine points in the first half of the divisional-round win over Pittsburgh and 17 in the first half of the AFC title game over New England.

You can also bet on the total of Kings center DeMarcus Cousins' points and rebounds at +110 on NFL odds in Sunday's game in Boston vs. the number of rushing yards for Panthers QB Cam Newton at -150. Cousins entered Wednesday averaging 27.0 points and 11.3 rebounds. He is a bit banged up so this bet would void if he doesn't play Sunday. The Kings faced the Celtics on Dec. 3 in Mexico City and Cousins had a quiet 16 points and seven rebounds. Newton had just three yards rushing in the divisional round vs. an excellent Seattle defense and 47 in the NFC title game vs. Arizona. Newton's high this season as 100 yards at the Giants.

NFL Picks: Paul assists, Newton yards.

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'Over/Under'  John Fox References in Super Bowl 50
Which Super Bowl Coaches' Name Will Be Mentioned First After Kickoff?
The total is one on the Fox prop, with the over a -140 favorite. This is only during the game and doesn't include halftime. I wonder which team Fox is rooting for here. He was canned in Carolina following a 2-14 record in the 2010 season and replaced by current Panthers coach Ron Rivera. Fox was immediately hired by the Denver Broncos but dumped after the 2014 season despite leading the team to four playoff appearances in a row. He was replaced by current Broncos coach Gary Kubiak.

As for the second prop, both guys are -120. I tend to lean Rivera because his team was favored and he's looking to become only the fourth person in league history to win a Super Bowl as a player and coach. Rivera was a backup linebacker on that storied 1985 Chicago Bears team.

NFL Picks: 'Under' on Fox as that will be addressed pregame. Rivera on the second prop.

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