Super Bowl 50 MVP Candidates, Betting Odds & Free NFL Picks

Nikki Adams

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 10:54 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 10:54 PM UTC

Super Bowl 50 serves up many NFL betting morsels, including odds for the game’s MVP. Here we look at the main contenders for the coveted honor and serve up choice NFL picks for the market.

Super Bowl 50 Odds
The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are set to collide in Super Bowl 50 in two weeks, with the former matched as the significant favorite on the NFL odds board. The Panthers are matched at a high of -218 at Heritage and a low of -200 at bet365, William Hill and The Greek, amongst several others, to win straight up. Against the spread, they are favored by 4.5-points and the total on this game is set to a high of 45 across most sports betting platforms.

Given the Panthers overwhelming favor in these markets, the natural assumption is a player on their roster is more likely to be awarded the game’s MVP honors. Looking at previous winners, the Super Bowl MVP award is predominantly dominated by the quarterback position as evinced in Table 1.



Super Bowl 50 MVP Candidates
In accordance to this conspicuous trend of giving the MVP award to the quarterback, odds makers have installed Cam Newton and Peyton Manning as the top two favorites for Super Bowl 50 MVP. In fact, it’s practically a two-horse race between the pair with the rest of the field matched on quadruple digits.

Predictably, with the Panthers emerging as the favorites to win Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton has the substantial edge over Peyton Manning in this market: Super Cam is the top favorite at -138 NFL odds to win the award while the Sheriff is trading at +350 NFL odds to win the award.

As the confetti rained down on the Panthers at the conclusion of the NFC Championship game, audible chants of MVP poured out of the stands when Cam Newton stepped up for his on-field interview. If that isn’t an indication of the high likelihood he’d snap up the coveted prize in the event of a Panthers win over the Broncos, what is? He’d have to have an awful game to miss out on the prize to a fellow teammate, something we’ve not seen from him at all this season at the vanguard of the Panthers’ march to the ultimate game in football.

One can’t overlook the Sheriff though in this market. Denver Broncos may be the odds makers’ underdogs to win this game, but they were similarly disadvantaged in the AFC Championship game with the New England Patriots only to put paid on those NFL odds. The Broncos have just as much a shot to win Super Bowl 50 as do the Panthers in theory, and in the event it does actually happen then Peyton Manning would have to be the likeliest choice to win the honor. Sentimentality alone demands it should be the case – it’s more than likely the last season of his career and it would only be fitting for the future Hall of Famer to go out on a high note.



After the quarterbacks, the next best NFL pick is Jonathan Stewart of the Carolina Panthers at +1600, followed by teammates Greg Olsen and Luke Kuechly at +1800 respectively. For either of these quadruple-digit bets to come through they’d have to have the kind of game that simply outshines anything Cam Newton does on the field.

Same goes for Peyton Manning’s cohorts Emmanuel Sanders, CJ Anderson and Demaryius Thomas, all of which are priced at +2500 NFL odds or slightly higher. It’s interesting to note that this triplet feature on the Denver offense. Those contained within the vaulted Denver defense and were instrumental throughout the regular season and through to the playoffs, including the AFC Championship game, are trading further down the board.


NFL Betting Verdict
At the end of the day, the award hinges on the game itself and the individual accounts of each player shortlisted by odds makers as the likely contenders to win the prize. Short of a crystal ball, we can’t predict in all certainty what those accounts will look like. What we do know is that the award has been dominated by the quarterback position, which effectively must boil down our top Super Bowl picks to the respective choices: Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. Despite the NFL odds, it’s a 50-50 chance between this pair and nobody would be surprised if either one won it when all is said and done. Push comes to shove, we’re feeling a little bit sentimental today. Thus, we’re going with Peyton Manning at +350 NFL odds to snap up the Super Bowl MVP award.

Super Bowl 50 MVP Pick: Peyton Manning +350

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