Sportsbooks Open Seahawks as Small Super Bowl Odds Favorites

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 2:21 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015 2:21 PM UTC

Seattle Seahawks open as the slight favorites in Super Bowl XLIX betting. Here’s a rundown of their NFL odds across various betting markets.

Seattle Seahawks Slightly Favored
The defending champions Seattle Seahawks emerge as the slight faves to win Super Bowl XLIX, matched as the -115 favorites in money line betting and the 1-point faves on the spread. The last time a team repeated as champions was over a decade ago when the New England Patriots won back-to-back titles. Ironically, the Seahawks are set to stare down the very team they hope to emulate. The way the NFL odds are cast at the moment, the slightly favored Seahawks are in no way a certain bet.

Here’s a rundown of the NFL odds currently trading, some of which stand in stark contrast to this overarching Super Bowl XLIX betting picture.

Double Result Odds
One of the main props on the NFL betting menu for the highly anticipated Super Bowl XLIX showdown is the double result market. In this market, we come across arguably one discrepancy to the overall picture where the Seattle Seahawks to win both halves of the game is trading at +150 while New England Patriots to win both halves is trading slightly shorter at +140. If Seattle is the supposed fav, one would assume they’d be priced shorter to win both halves. All other options available in this market are trading on par, including either winning the first or second half at +900 or the various options that would involve a tie in either the first or the second half at +1600 and +3500, respectively.

Race To Points
In the race to points, there’s parity on both sides of the coin for the most part. Once again, however, the Patriots have the nominal edge in a few scenarios, which goes against the overall Super Bowl picture.  Patriots edge the Seahawks in the race to 15 points at -111 to the Seahawks at -110 (barely noteworthy, perhaps), in the race to 35 points at +425 to the Seahawks at +450, and, finally, in the race to 40 points at +750 to the Seahawks at +850.

Team with Highest Scoring Quarter
The Patriots have the edge over the Seahawks in this market, a slim +115 edge over the Seahawks at +110. A tie in this market for the highest scoring quarter is trading at +450.

Winning Margin 
Reasonable winning margins paying lip service to the overall tight forecast for this game are trading at parity in the case of either side enjoying it. Where the Patriots begin to pull ahead, once again, is when the margins start to point towards a complete and utter blowout. Patriots to win by 25-30 points is trading at +2200 while the Seahawks to win by the same margin is trading at +2500. A 31-36 margin is going for +3500 to the Patriots and +4000 to the Seahawks while a 37-42 winning margin is going for +5500 for the Patriots and +6000 for the Seahawks. A margin of 43 points or more is going for +8000 to the Patriots and +9000 to the Seahawks.

Touchdown Scorers
Ironically, where the Seattle Seahawks return to the forefront is in various scoring markets. Marshawn Lynch is the top favorite to score a touchdown at -167 (anytime). He’s also the shortest priced to score the first and last touchdown of the game at +550 (both scenarios). After Lynch, Rob Gronkowski comes in as the second favorite to score a touchdown at -138 NFL odds. He’s also the second best NFL pick to score the first or last touchdown of the game at +650 (both scenarios).

After the top tandem of Lynch and Rob Gronkowski, though, four Patriots emerge as the next best options from Le Garrette Blount (+115 anytime) and Julian Edelman (+138) to Doug Baldwin at (+160) and Brandon LaFell (+163). The only Seahawk to breakup this Patriots party on the NFL odds board is Russell Wilson, who’s tied with Baldwin at +160 to score a touchdown anytime.  

Other Sports Betting Markets
The above is just a snapshot of all the Super Bowl XLIX Odds currently trading. Check in to your favorite online sports betting platform for a more comprehensive selection of NFL odds on Seattle Seahakws and New England Patriots, respectively. 

NFL Betting Analysis: The way the pendulum swings between the Seahawks and the Patriots may be surprising to some recreational NFL bettors, looking for a firm decision either way in order to make their NFL picks. But not to avid NFL enthusiasts, who by all accounts (NFL bettors, pundits and experts, alike) agree with the absence of any distinction between these two teams in just about every guiding Super Bowl XLIX market. Arguably, the two best teams in the NFL this season, it’s fitting that there is no proper favorite, no underdog. Just two equals set to battle in a fortnight. What it comes down to is which team will be better on the day. Short of a crystal ball that's just impossible to predict.

May the better team win!

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