Sportsbooks’ NFL Losses - Attention Really A Good Thing For The Industry In End

Kevin Stott

Sunday, January 22, 2017 5:03 PM UTC

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017 5:03 PM UTC

It’s been a tough year for the sportsbooks in Football, especially in the NFL which had a couple of big sportsbooks copping to having their worst days ever but put away that sympathy card because shops Offshore and here in Las Vegas are still turning a major profit and way ahead in the long run. Let’s try to find some perspective in this matter.

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina...

Much has been made about the success the players have had this season betting the NFL in sportsbooks around the planet, especially after last weekend when shops like William Hill and BetOnline reported having their worst days ever. But perspective and truth are always important in this thing called Life, so let’s explain why this is no big thing, probably just a blip on the sports betting radar and actually good in the long run in the marketing and future business sense for sportsbooks worldwide. Hey, if the fisherman can’t catch fish in the lake, odds are he stops fishing, right?

In the Football heavy yearly quarter of September through November, sportsbooks here in the state of Nevada won $73.64 million on Football (NFL and NCAAF). According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, a 12% drop from the same reporting period a year ago, while on the calendar year, Silver State sportsbooks were up $86.3 million and only down 3.6% compared to 2015’s numbers thanks to a combination of things like the New England Patriots great ATS record (13-3, 81%), the Cleveland Browns’ shitty one (3-12-1 ATS, 20%), sports bettors simply getting better at this and those dastardly Parlay Cards (-30.1% compared to same quarter 2015) that frustrated many a sportsbook director come late Sunday afternoon.


Some Words From a Wise Man

South Point Hotel and Casino’s Jimmy Vaccaro was sick and tired of hearing about how the players were theoretically bashing the bookies this Football season and the 71-year-old Sin City legend and Pittsburgh native straightened the world out on’s FIRST PREVIEW radio show last Wednesday.

“Everybody’s talking about last week. I know that they like to hear about the joints [sportsbooks] losing, but it’s a different world out there today,” Vaccaro told host Pauly Howard. “Forty years now and there hasn’t been a year that I’ve been involved in this racket where the books lost for a year. It’s hard to win. But are we gonna have speed bumps? Yeah.” (SOURCE: Washington Post)

So that’s exactly zero yearly and two Super Bowl wins for us sports bettors in like four decades meaning Vaccaro’s, “No crying for the bookmaker” mantra will probably be holding solid for the next century or two. And with Math as a best friend and Human Nature and Greed on their side, it’s safe to assume sportsbooks here in Las Vegas and the state of Nevada, offshore and throughout Europe will be just fine despite the occasional Leicester City meteor and run by NFL bettors. And the value on the free publicity sportsbooks are getting from these infrequent losses easily outweighs their losing payouts in the long run with seemingly perpetual new annual record sports betting handles serving as proof.

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