Sports Picks: Into the Weekend with Betdsi

Peter Loshak

Saturday, January 18, 2014 7:42 PM UTC

Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 7:42 PM UTC

The Conference Championships in the NFL playoffs to determine the Super Bowl matchup take place this weekend, and as always, I got the inside scoop on the betting action for the games from Brent, the Head Lines Manager at BetDSI sportsbook, in our weekly show, Into The Weekend with BetDSI.

I started out asking Brent how the playoffs have gone for him and the books in general, and got some interesting info. The sharp accounts apparently did poorly last week, and the public-favored sides did well.

The public loved the Over in Indianapolis/New England, while the sharps took the under. And the San Francisco/Carolina game saw an even bigger sharp/public split, with the public overwhelmingly on San Francisco, and multiple sharp groups coming in big on Carolina. But in both cases, the public came out as the big winner. Brent told me that even though the books were on the same side as the sharps, needing Carolina, the game turned out ok for him since San Francisco’s margin of victory busted all the Carolina teasers as well.

It’s become clear from my discussions with Brent that in the NFL playoffs, the teasers are what can really make or break his weekends, and this weekend, with just two games, that will be more important than ever.

Brent told me he took big action on both sides of the spread in the New England/Denver game, not a surprise at all in light of the back-and-forth line movement we have seen on the spread all week long.

And with the San Francisco/Seattle game, Brent also took sharp action on both sides, based on the number.

Brent went into detail on the kind of action and from what types of accounts he has taken on both of the games, and then I wrapped things up by asking Brent about what Super Bowl futures action he has, and what, if any, would be the most preferable Super Bowl matchup for him.

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