Sports Picks: Into the Weekend with BetDSI

Peter Loshak

Saturday, January 4, 2014 1:43 PM UTC

Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014 1:43 PM UTC

In our weekly show, Into The Weekend with BetDSI, Brent, the Head Lines Manager at DSI sportsbook, had some interesting things to say about the action he sees in the NFL playoffs in general, and specifically Wild Card weekend.

According to Brent, getting unbalanced action on games is much less of a concern than it is during the regular season, due to the quality of the teams involved in the games and regional fan interest. However, because of the small number of games, and the public’s propensity for betting teasers, some big losses can occur for online sportsbooks if all or almost all of the popular teaser bets cover.

This week, Brent told me he has taken some sharp action on a side in the San Diego/Cincinnati game as well as on the total in the San Francisco/Green Bay game, which of course has frigid temperatures forecast.

The rest of the Wild Card games have not seen any sharp action, but they have taken high volume in general, that has relatively balanced, but with the public modestly favoring overs, as usual. So the weekend is shaping up to be a good one for the books, unless the dreaded and unlikely but possible teaser nightmare scenario comes to pass.

Then Brent and I moved on to the action he has taken on the BCS Championship game. In huge games like these, Brent told me that he actually expects to get sharp action both ways, based entirely on the number, since he will usually move numbers in response to big bets, even if they don’t necessarily come from what he considers to be sharp accounts.

This year, that is very much the case with the Florida St/Auburn game. Big bets from non-sharp accounts moved the line around, and Brent told me that he did take action from sharp accounts both ways on the game, when the line was giving the most value in each direction. Sharp action came in on Florida St at -7, as well as on Auburn at +9.5.
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