Sports Picks: Into the Weekend with BetDSI

Peter Loshak

Saturday, December 21, 2013 1:38 PM UTC

Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013 1:38 PM UTC

Peter Loshak is joined by Brent from BetDSI to go over a few of the most intriguing betting lines on offer. Which of these betting odds look to offer us an edge for our sports picks?

In this week’s Into The Weekend with BetDSI show, Brent and I discussed NFL Week 16, which often has unique handicapping situations that can result in notable sharp betting action, as well as the opening week of the college bowl season.

I started things off, though, by asking about the action on the Saints/Panthers game in the NFL, which is of course a huge game with major playoff implications that everyone is discussing. The Saints are off of a road loss to the inferior St Louis Rams, so I guessed that a spread with Carolina favored by only 3 had attracted a lot of betting interest from the public.

Then we discussed other sides in the NFL this week that will probably take big public action. Last week, the two sides we discussed with huge public action, Kansas City and Seattle, both covered, and Brent discussed how those results affected his overall bottom line for the week.

This week, KC and Seattle will probably again both be big public sides, along with Denver, and Brent discussed the action he has seen on those games so far this week. He also threw in another side, San Francisco, that he told me is sure to wind up with big one-way action as well.

Then Brent gave us a rundown of the notable sharp action he has seen for the rest of the NFL Week 16 card, which wound up consisting of mostly totals, and most of those totals had notable public/sharp splits, with the public coming in big on the other side of what the sharps favored.

And the opening week of the college bowl season has also attracted sharp action as well, although Brent told me that most of the good info he has for us is on the Saturday games, and that the big action on the games later this week has yet to come in.

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