Sports BIT: Will The NFL Ever Give Vegas A Football Team?

Teddy Covers

Friday, May 13, 2016 3:26 PM UTC

Friday, May. 13, 2016 3:26 PM UTC

Pauly doesn't leave his house on Friday the 13th, but just because this day is associated with bad luck doesn't mean there isn't any good value on today's slate, either. 

On today’s Weekend Preview edition of SportsBIT, Pauly opens up the show explaining that he doesn’t leave the house on Friday the 13th, a true sufferer of Triskaidekaphobia. Teddy mocks him – as he should – and then the veteran Vegas duo get down to business with betting recaps, big game previews and a thorough discussion of the Oakland Raiders potential move to Las Vegas and it’s implications for sports betting in Nevada and the US as a whole moving forward. 

The key quote comes from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: "I think all of us have evolved a little bit on the gambling.” Both Pauly and Teddy talked about how that quote REALLY stands out from a league that wouldn’t accept ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’ ads from the Tourist Bureau a decade ago because they were so fearful that any association with Vegas would tarnish their image. 

And if the NFL gets a team in Vegas – Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the latest proponent of a Sin City team – so many cultural barriers against sports wagering in the US will fall. Every bettor in the US should be rooting for Mark Davis to move his team to Vegas, especially with it looking more and more likely that Davis would get the required votes from the owners around the league to make the move.

Teddy and Pauly continue with Part 2 of their Deep Dive into the NFL Season Win Totals marketplace, focusing on strength of schedule issues. Teddy’s key point is that most ‘standard’ strength of schedule formulas use last year’s final records as their lone statistical component. Of course, that’s a lazy way to look at the upcoming campaign. These examples 0—and more – stand out!

Should Dallas really be priced as a 4-12 team, when they are lined at O/U 9 wins this year? What about Carolina, off a 15-1 season, but priced as a 10.5 win team here in 2016? The Jets won ten games last year, this year, they are lined as a 7.5 win team. The injury riddled Ravens went 5-11 in 2015, but in 2016, they are lined as an 8-8 team, not the bottom feeder they were at the end of last season. Denver, Jacksonville, New England, Tennessee and Washington are all lined with at least a two win differential between last year’s final record and this year’s bettable win total. 

Be sure to check out Teddy’s detailed list of the teams that have the true weakest and toughest schedules based on THIS YEAR’s season win numbers. It’s a must watch segment of a must-watch show.

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