Sports BIT: Breaking Down The 2016 Seattle Seahawks

Teddy Covers

Thursday, June 9, 2016 5:25 PM UTC

Thursday, Jun. 9, 2016 5:25 PM UTC

On every single SportsBIT show between now and the MLB All Star Break will feature a detailed, in-depth, NFL Team Preview. Today we look at the 2016 Seattle Seahawks.

Teddy and Pauly understand that things slow down for bettors over the hot summer months. That’s why on every single SportsBIT show between now and the MLB All Star Break will feature a detailed, in-depth, NFL Team Preview. And we’re not talking a meaningless, cursory look either.  Let’s use today’s breakdown of the 2016 Seattle Seahawks as a prime example.


Make no mistake about it – last year’s version of the Seahawks was every bit as good as the Seattle team that went to back-2-back Super Bowls in the previous two seasons. Their mainstream numbers were outstanding:  the #4 ranked offense, the #2 ranked defense and another positive turnover differential. That being said, those dominant stats didn’t make any money for Seahawks supporters, as they finished 8-7-1 ATS in the regular season and 0-2 ATS in the playoffs. It’s hard to find betting market bargains supporting a high profile elite team like Seattle, but as the Patriots have shown in recent seasons, even elite, public teams can be profitable to support when they’re at the top of their game.


Russell Wilson was the best quarterback in the NFL last year making huge play after huge play while running for his life behind a dismal OL. His 110.1 QB rating was the best in the NFL. Wilson is now in his fifth season and he set career highs in TD’s, QBR, passer rating, yards per pass and completion % in 2015. Can he stay at that level moving forward? Teddy’s biggest concern for Wilson and the Seahawks is the state of their offensive line. OL Coach Tom Cable is an elite ‘talent’ but on paper, this OL looks downright dismal after several key offseason departures.


The retirement of Marshawn Lynch has been a non-factor in the offseason betting markets. RB’s in this league are replaceable. Teddy’s quote: “Watch Thomas Rawls, Christine Michael or rookie CJ Prosise out of Notre Dame match Lynch’s mediocre numbers.”


No discussion of the Seahawks (or any other team’s) upcoming season would be complete without a detailed look at their schedule. Seattle faced a tougher than average strength of schedule last year But based on 2016 win total numbers from Vegas, this year, Seattle will face a much easier slate. They face only five playoff teams from last year, and play only two 10 AM Pacific Time start games back East, the fewest in the division. That makes Seattle the team to beat in this division...if not the entire NFC. Check out the full show right here.

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