Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Odds

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 7:27 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 7:27 PM UTC

After it looked as if the Broncos were going to run away with all the money wagered on this game, the last 48 hours especially have seen a ton of money coming in on the Seahawks. But not just money, big money as well, and it appears as if multiple sharps like the priced with the Seahawks.

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Currently, the NFL Odds for the moneyline in this game have the Hawks down to +110 at most shops, which is lower than where they were this time last week. Let’s take a look at why this is, and what we could see in the not-so distant future.

Big money

According to the SBR Consensus data page, the Seahawks are still taking only one dollar of every three wagered on this game, however that percentage has raised a lot in the last 72 hours. However the biggest reason why the money line has shifted down from +120 to +110 is the big money bets that have come in on Seattle. The Hawks currently have 45 wagers of $1000 or more, compared to the Broncos’ 10.

This hasn’t moved the spread more than a half point in some books, but it was more than enough to drop the money line at most books. Right now only Bovada has the line still at +120 Seahawks, and other have it even lower than +110. Online sportsbooks like Bet365 have the Hawks priced in at +105, which is the lowest I’ve seen it since Sunday night the 19th.

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If this trend of money coming in on Seattle keeps up, then a wager on them now would help extract the most value if you like the Hawks. While I doubt the spread moves any lower than what it is now, it could if we see another big influx of money on Seattle. Even though the peak value for Seattle is likely gone, there is still enough left to wager today on Sunday’s game. If this pace keeps up, I suspect the Hawks will be no more than even money by the time kickoff finally rolls around on Sunday.

The total is a number that has stood still for the most part, however there are a couple of books that have lowered the number past the current settled price of 47 points. Books like BetOnline have the total at 46 ½, and this could be another after-effect from the large amount of Seahawks betting over the weekend. The total will likely go under if the Hawks get the win.

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