SBR’s Pick 6 NFL and NCAAF Handicapping Contest: Week 3 Recap!

SBR’s Pick 6 NFL and NCAAF Handicapping Contest: Week 3 Recap!

The Pick 6 NFL & College Football Handicapping Contest rolls on after another exciting week. Did you know you can still enter? And it’s still free? Well then – sign up!

How’d Last Week Treat You?

Just once I want to see my name listed below but all Week 3 brought me was a 500 record and I even lost my BEST BET! The Chargers, yeah, I put two units on the Dolts…I mean the Bolts. They couldn’t even beat Carolina, never mind cover the number! I also included the Arizona Cardinals in my NFL picks laying the lumber in the desert. Kyler Murray and company couldn’t get by the Detroit Lions which made me look about as square as a microwave. Panthers, Lions, I was mauled by cats last week.

Looking back, I was the guy that the sharps make fun of, betting the chalky favorites like I’m reading tomorrow’s newspapers. I was Joe Q. Public incarnate but then I tried to get sharp by taking the Giants plus the points against the 49ers. Yeah, I was the guy who bet the Giants. Well, it wasn’t all bad as I had three covers with the Browns (another square play), Patriots (another square play), and the Bengals.

I’m in a bit of pain after making all those rookie mistakes, but ya know what? There’s always this week and the week after that and…. That’s right kids, there are 14 more weeks of action and it’s still not too late to sign up for a contest that hands out cash each week and costs absolutely nothing! It’s free, baby! Don’t wait or even hesitate, pick up your helmet, get into the game, and sign up here!

We’re All Jealous of These Shooters

Alright, so let’s all smile politely and get this over with. Below is a list of the winners, the cappers smarter than the rest of us. The chosen few who went a perfect 6-0 or 5-1 ATS and never told a lie in their lives. We hate’m because we aint’em. Without further ado, drum roll, please.

1 toga toga 6-0-0 $300

2 ICE-BLOOD 6-0-0 $250

3 mattyicey 6-0-0 $200

4 dogkatcher 6-0-0 $175

5 hotcross 6-0-0 $150

6 Tanko 6-0-0 $125

7 franklee168 5-1-0 $100

8 batt33 5-0-1 $100

9 sportsfun 5-1-0 $100

10 Skookum 5-1-0 $100

TOGA, TOGA, TOGA! We all need a little Animal House in our lives and toga toga is just the one to give it to us. But look, if you’re not in the action then put a stop to that and sign up for the Pick 6 NFL & College Football Handicapping Contest.

Oh, and one other thing. Notice how all of our Week 3 winners got their full share of the prize money? That’s because each and every one of them is an SBR PRO and if you want to be one too then click the link and start enjoying all of the many benefits.

New to the Pick 6?

If you like handicapping the NFL or College football then this is the contest for you. All you have to do is pick a side, total, or combination of both in the NFL or college football (or both). Pick your six top choices and of those, make one your BEST BET which counts as two units while the rest are worth one. And that’s it. Your work is done and now you just wait to see if you’re one of the money winners.

SBR hands out $1600 in BTC every week to the prize winners and ties are broken by action points. Simply put, action points are the combined margin of the cover. So, if you bet the Chiefs -6 and they win by 30 then Kansas City will contribute 24 action points to your cause. Add all six of your plays up and those are your combined action points.

It’s easy, it’s fun and best of all – it’s free! How can you lose? You can’t! Sign up here!