SBR’s Pick 6 NFL and College Football Handicapping Contest: Week 1 Recap!

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SBR’s Pick 6 NFL and College Football Handicapping Contest: Week 1 Recap!

Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season is in the books and we are just getting started. If you haven’t signed up for your chance at a share of over $50,000 in cash prizes then don’t delay because the best free handicapping competition can be found only at Sportsbook Review!

What’s It All About?

If you’ve ever heard,” there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, then I would advise you to think again because with the money you could win in SBR’s Pick 6 NFL & College Football Handicapping Contest, you’ll have enough money to buy much more than that. The operative word here is “free” because there is nothing to do except sign up and go to work picking a total of six NFL and/or college football sides and/or totals against the spread or ATS.

If you want your six picks to be all NFL sides (teams) then go for it. Maybe you’re a college football sharpie and decide all your six choices will be in the schoolboy ranks. Whether it’s all sides, all totals, or a combination thereof, in either the NFL or college, then go for it. The only limit is your imagination. Actually, there are limits, this isn’t Disney, it’s a handicapping contest and it limits you to six picks including a BEST BET, as one of those six choices, which counts as double.

Prize Money

Weekly Prizes: $1,600 to at least the Top 10 Places for 18 weeks, all SBR PROS that go 6-0 are guaranteed Bitcoin share. 10,000 Free Play points divided among all users with at least 5 wins that did not win either BTC or free SBR Pro Membership.

1st. $300

2nd. $250

3rd. $200

4th. $175

5th. $150

6th. $125

If there are 10 or fewer SBR Pros that went 6-0: 7th to 10th place get $100 BTC each

If there are more than 10 SBR Pros that went 6-0: All SBR Pros outside of the Top 6 that went 6-0 evenly divide $400 BTC

Therefore, all SBR Pros that go 6-0 are guaranteed some BTC

Weekly Bitcoin payouts will be made to at least the top 10 finishers based on TOTAL WINS that week. In the case of a tie, the first tiebreaker is Action Points, which is how many points you beat or lost to the line by. If still tied after Action Points, the second tiebreaker is Units and the third tiebreaker is winning percentage (i.e., 5-0-1 would beat 5-1). If still tied after all three tiebreakers, prizes will be split.

Pick 6 Bonus: If any 2-unit play covers ATS AND the covering team has at least one Pick 6 in the game you WIN A 600-point free play! Free plays are used in the SBR Sportsbook where you can harness your betting skills and win. One caveat, 2-unit Totals are not eligible for a Pick-6 bonus.

Halftime Prizes (Leaders After Week 9 – SBR PROS ONLY)

1st. $600

2nd. $500

3rd. $400

4th. $300

5th. $250

6th. $150

7th-12th. $100

*If there are Non-Pro users in the Top 12 at halftime, prizes simply roll down to Top 12 SBR Pros.

End of Season Prizes

1st. $6,000

2nd. $3,500

3rd. $2,500

4th. $1,250

5th. $850

6th. $700

7th. $600

8th. $550

9th $500

10th. $450

11th. $400

12th. $350

13th. $300

14th. $275

15th. $250

16th. $220

17th. $200

18th. $170

19th. $160

20th. $150

21-25th. $125

*Must be an SBR Pro to claim overall prizes, again, if there are Non-Pro users in the Top 25, prizes simply roll down to Top 25 SBR Pros.

Week 1 Winners

Congratulations to those Week 1 sharpshooters below. And remember if you are an SBR PRO then you get your full share of the winnings! Make sure to sign up to become an SBR PRO and get perks all year round including 12 points every day just for logging in to SBR!

1 blackbart (SBR PRO) 6-0-0 $300

2 bfl1000 6-0-0 $125

3 Dlo5 (SBR PRO) 6-0-0 $200

4 the-phenomenal-1 6-0-0 Free SBR PRO membership

5 cankid (SBR PRO) 6-0-0 $150

6 Ardmorite (SBR PRO) 6-0-0 $125

7 ThaTopMoron 6-0-0 157 BetPoint FP’s

8 smitch124 (SBR PRO) 6-0-0 $100

9 e81fed 6-0-0 157 BetPoint FP’s

10 lets play 83(SBR PRO) 5-1-0 $100

11 Jnas 5-1-0 157 BetPoint FP’s

12 hustla(SBR PRO) 5-1-0 $100

13 DTayDuggz85 5-1-0 157 BetPoint FP’s

14 tblues2005 (SBR PRO) 5-1-0 $100

15 Thunderground 5-1-0 157 BetPoint FP’s

16 Weems2k 5-1-0 157 BetPoint FP’s

17 adamelvis (SBR PRO) 5-1-0 $100

18 PPP_JP (SBR PRO) 5-1-0 $100

19 beerman2619 5-1-0 157 BetPoint FP’s

20 HossWilbur 5-1-0 $100