Ring-less NFL QBs With Great Super Bowl Winning Value

Jordan Sharp

Saturday, August 6, 2016 8:47 PM UTC

Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016 8:47 PM UTC

There are currently seven starting quarterbacks with Super Bowl rings and all seven of them to a degree have pretty good NFL Odds to win the Super Bowl this season. However, out of the teams capable of getting to and/or winning that game, there are two that don’t have rings that stick out as candidates to get one this season. 

Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – (+800)
Cam Newton was one win away from winning the Super Bowl last season and is likely poised to get back to the big game in order to win it this time. The Panthers will still be the class of the NFC along with the Packers and Seahawks, but Newton is pretty uniquely positioned to get back to a first round bye week.

The NFC South is in no way in danger of beating out Carolina for the divisional crown, and compared to the other NFC favorites, the Panthers have the easiest schedule. Not only are six of their games against the Saints, Falcons and Bucs, but they also get four games against the AFC West, a division that while good, also has some very winnable games for the Panthers like the Chargers at home and a good draw of getting the Chiefs in their building as well.

I could easily see the Panthers going 13-3 or 14-2 this season, which will obviously be enough to get them out of playing in the wild card round. If they can ensure home field throughout like they did a season ago, Newton might be a great betting pick at 8/1 to actually win the Super Bowl this season instead of just getting there.


Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals – (+1200)
The only other quarterback without a Super Bowl ring that even has a remote chance of winning one this season is Carson Palmer and the Cardinals. Palmer got beat down by the Panthers before they got beat down by the Broncos, but this season they are coming back strong and Palmer, if healthy, has the deepest offense of almost any team in the league.

The Cardinals traded for Chandler Jones to add another pass rusher to their defensive line and they signed Evan Mathis to help keep the aging Palmer upright and throwing down field.

With a high-octane passing game and one of the deepest and talented running back cores in the league, the Cardinals are entering the season looking like a Super Bowl sleeper.

However, the only thing keeping me from endorsing the Cardinals over the Panthers is their division and schedule. Playing the Seahawks twice per season along with a better than projected Rams team twice is always tough, but this season the Cardinals play the NFC South and AFC East. Sure, they get lucky by not having to play Tom Brady in Week 1, trips to Carolina, Buffalo, Atlanta and Minnesota are all going to be very tough games.

For now, Palmer is more of a nice fantasy asset that a quarterback you want to hitch your wagon to win a Super Bowl this season. Not only are the Patriots intimidating in the AFC, but the Cardinals have the Packers, Seahawks and Panthers to deal with, and Arizona has to play two of those teams three times this season. It’s just a tougher road than Carolina has, especially considering the Cardinals have to travel to Carolina for their battle.

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