Quarterback Picks to Start All 16 NFL Season Games

Matthew Jordan

Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:31 PM UTC

Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014 9:31 PM UTC

Interesting NFL prop courtesy of Bovada that asks how many quarterbacks will start all 16 regular-season games in 2014? The 'over/under' is 17.5 signal-callers, with under a -130 favorite on NFL odds and over at even money.

The number is at 17 because that's exactly how many started all 16 a year ago. A couple of others were at 15 games. Here is my list of the 13 quarterbacks I think won't make it all the way through and place each in one of three categories as to why.

Rookies Are Waiting
Brian Hoyer, Browns: Look, we all know the Browns are going to be terrible this season, especially now that star wide receiver Josh Gordon has officially been ruled out. So you can understand why the Browns aren't throwing Johnny Manziel out there to get killed right away. But there is NO chance Manziel doesn't start at least a few games.

Matt Cassel, Vikings: Cassel is in just about the same position as Hoyer, although at least the Vikings have some good skill position players in running back Adrian Peterson, receiver Cordarrelle Patterson and tight end Kyle Rudolph. However, Coach Mike Zimmer's future is tied to rookie Teddy Bridgewater. He'll play at some point.

Chad Henne, Jaguars: Yes, I know the Jaguars brain trust keeps saying that it wants rookie Blake Bortles to sit and learn all season. But why not get him used to the speed of the NFL when the Jaguars are 2-8 or in that ballpark? That way he's not totally raw in 2015. Bortles will start at least a few games.

Matt Schaub, Raiders: Believe it or not, Oakland second-round pick Derek Carr might be the first rookie QB to see the field. Schaub's confidence was wrecked last year in Houston and he's dealing with a bad elbow.

Likely Poor Performance
Geno Smith, Jets: He was a turnover-machine as a rookie last year and in 2014 the Jets actually have a competent backup this year in Michael Vick.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Texans: Houston looks like it has a Super Bowl-caliber defense. Once Fitzpatrick loses two straight games due to interceptions, Coach Bill O'Brien will turn to Case Keenum/Tom Savage.

Josh McCown, Buccaneers: McCown was a revelation in Chicago, but he had been a journeyman backup before that. It might have just been Marc Trestman's coaching or all that offensive talent the Bears had around him. We will see Mike Glennon at some point.

Injury Prone
Robert Griffin III, Redskins: RGIII says his knee feels fabulous and he's ditching the brace. But if you have watched the preseason, the guy either doesn't know how to slide to avoid big hits or just chooses not to.

Jake Locker, Titans: Hasn't come close to playing all 16 games in his first three seasons (didn't get a chance to as a rookie), so why would he now?

Jay Cutler, Bears:  Chicago could win a Super Bowl if Cutler stays healthy. Alas, he doesn't. Hasn't played all 16 since 2009 and just 11 last year and 10 in 2011.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers: Big Ben was able to play all 16 games last year but it's the first time he had done so since 2008 -- and that was the only year he did it. The guy has taken a lot of hits in his career.

Tony Romo, Cowboys: Romo probably shouldn't be on the injury prone list, although he had the 2008 and 2010 seasons cut short. I have him on here because Romo is coming off major back surgery that ended his 2013 season after 15 games.

Shaun Hill, Rams: Hill probably doesn't belong in this group and perhaps could go under likely poor performance. There's a reason the guy has been a backup his entire career and has never played more than 11 games. Do you really think he will make it all 16?

NFL picks: So go 'over' 17.5 on the NFL odds. For the most part, thanks to technology, QBs are generally pretty healthy these days. The only other QB I thought of putting on here in an injury-prone/potentially poor performance (not sure which yet) was Buffalo's E.J. Manuel, but the sample size is too small for the second-year Bill.

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