Props on the Future of the 2020 NFL Season

Props on the Future of the 2020 NFL Season

With coronavirus cases mounting across the NFL, the 2020 regular season is fast becoming in danger of being paused or suspended. Prop bets are asking if the season will be suspended or paused due to Covid-19.

When the NFL and NFLPA decided to go ahead with the 2020 NFL season amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the likelihood of the highly contagious virus penetrating the league’s ranks was a risk that was implicitly accepted.

From the very beginning, the league planned for the undesirable eventuality by putting in place comprehensive contingency plans for a variety of possible Covid-19-related scenarios, although it was quietly hoped that the impact – when (and if) it happened – wouldn’t be completely disruptive.

And everything was going great, until it wasn’t.

Up to week 3, the NFL season was plodding along nicely. Games were being played to schedule, albeit in mostly empty stadiums totally bereft of fans in attendance and the usual trappings of a uniquely American football weekend experience, and the action and quality of competition wasn’t compromised at all.

The first three weeks of the NFL featured some of the most electric contests, underscored by high octane offense and dizzying scoring that delighted fans and NFL bettors, alike, and top sportsbooks were hopping.

The league appeared to have pulled off the impossible.

Then, the dreaded happened: the Tennessee Titans became the first team to experience a coronavirus outbreak at the conclusion of their week 3 clash against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The worrying development was discovered early in the week and thrust the schedule for week 4’s round of NFL games into turmoil. Ultimately, as the situation worsened, the league was forced to postpone the Titans’ upcoming game against the Steelers for a later date, marking the first instance of a game being directly affected by a coronavirus outbreak.

By the latest count, a total of 20 cases have been confirmed among Tennessee’s players and staff, but the story doesn’t end there. This week, reports have surfaced about the Titans holding practices that were in clear violation of strict Covid-19 health and safety protocols and the league’s guidelines.

Adding to the NFL’s woes is news of more coronavirus cases emerging over the course of the last few days: two confirmed cases with the New England Patriots – Cam Newton and Stephen Gilmore – as well as one confirmed case on Kansas City Chiefs’ practice squad.

The worst bit, Gilmore’s positive coronavirus test was confirmed after the league greenlighted the week 4 clash between the Patriots and Chiefs, which was rescheduled for Monday.

Where the league goes from here is up in the air. However, in an attempt to offer some possibilities, multiple top-rated sportsbooks have rolled out a slew of prop bets solely focused on the future of the 2020 NFL season which hangs precariously in the balance of rising coronavirus cases.

On offer are prop bets on whether the season will be suspended or canceled due to Covid-19, as well as over/under bets on how many games will be rescheduled over the course of the season. Below we list the current offering of NFL prop bets available with BetOnline and Bovada.

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Prop Bets at BetOnline for the Future of the NFL Season in 2020

Total NFL games postponed or canceled due to COVID

NFL Betting Tips: Already two games were postponed/reschedule last week. With the growing cases within Tennessee’s camp threatening their week 5 date against the Buffalo Bills, it may well be three games that are affected ahead of week 5.

At this rate, with 11 weeks of the regular season to go after week 5, and factoring into the equation the worldwide concern a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is imminent this winter, a bet on the OVER is increasingly looking like a likely option.

Yes, the league is doing everything it can to minimize the fallout from this unprecedented public health crisis, but the pandemic is greater than the NFL. Bookmakers are favoring the OVER, which is telling in itself.

Total NFL players to test positive for coronavirus

NFL Betting Tips: Again, much of the above argument applies here. Cases are growing within the NFL, and what we’ve learned about the disease since March is that it can spread exponentially once it takes root. With the more than 20 cases confirmed in the last week (albeit a mixture of players and staff), the likelihood that more than 55.5 players will test positive before all is said and done in 2020 is high. And yet again, the NFL odds are favorable for an OVER bet.

Will the NFL Playoffs be played in a bubble?

NFL Betting Tips: The NHL and NBA are after successfully pulling of playoff bubbles in order to see their respective seasons to conclusion. It’s fair to say, this isn’t a desirable option, but it would be a reasonable and sensible solution that would appease all concerned should the need arise.

Prop Bets at Bovada for the Future of the NFL Season in 2020

2020–2021 NFL Season – Will all NFL teams play 16 games during regular season?

NFL Betting Tips: In the interest of fairness and upholding a level playing field, the NFL is more likely than not to stick to the established league format and play through 16 games. As such, the YES bet is favored rather significantly.

That said, the MLB did play an abbreviated season just to get something in the books this year. It’s a tough one, to be fair. Of all the bets, this one could fall either way for NFL picks.

Will the NFL Season Be Suspended At Any Point before the 2021 Super Bowl?

NFL Betting Tips: Roger Goodell made it a point to stress that the NFL season would go ahead in some way shape or form this year, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Presumably, it would take a serious second wave of the coronavirus this fall/winter to derail the season. Again, short of a crystal ball, this particular NFL prop bet is most difficult to predict.

Will the Super Bowl be played on February 7th 2021?

NFL Betting Tips: Bearing in mind the Super Bowl involves just two teams, it makes it a likely event to occur so long as the regular season and playoffs experience minimal disruption. The fact that the date of SBLV hinges almost entirely on the many weeks that precede going to plan, it’s the most changeable bet on the list, and certainly, not set in stone as the NFL odds would suggest.