Prop Up Your NFL Picks With Wacky Super Bowl Prop Bets

Nikki Adams

Thursday, January 29, 2015 4:07 PM UTC

Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 4:07 PM UTC

We've scoured the four corners of the internet in search of the wackiest of the wacky Super Bowl XLIX prop bets currently trading at online sports betting exchanges.

Super Bowl Halftime Show
Inasmuch as anticipation for the matchup between Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots builds, it's the Super Bowl Halftime Show, shrouded in mystery and secrecy, which organisers are holding close to their vests, that is stirring a lot of excitement and speculation. Where there's speculation, there's commerce. And bookmakers haven't disappointed, rolling out a veritable buffet of proposition bets for the casual and initiated NFL bettor, alike. Since, it would be rude not to partake...

Let's just dive right in.


Major Boobage
Yup. That's right. Kate Perry's décolletage has a price tag. Sportsbooks are offering odds on whether Perry's boobs will make an appearance. It would seem the leaning is overwhelming towards major boobage on display.

Yes – -500
No – +350

Here's the thing, this bet may not set you up nicely for early retirement, but it's an almost sure thing (at least we think so). Celebrities are fashion provocateurs, giving new meaning to the old adage "less is more." Put this way: it's highly unlikely she's going to come out underexposed. So we're confident there'll be boobage. This doesn't mean we're predicting "Nipple-Gate" ala Janet Jackson. Mind you, that is a Super Bowl Halftime Prop pick available at a whopping +4000. Just saying.

The Super Bowl Prop Pick: Yes. 


Wardrobe: What Will Kate Perry Wear First In Halftime Show
What to wear? What to wear? Oh the dilemma. From risqué to tame, Kate Perry's outfit. Not the most enthralling prop on the Super Bowl board, but, hey, it's a bet on offer. With three options to pick from it's a 1-in-3 chance to cash. Not bad probability. Bovada offers the following odds:

Pants (below the knees) – +300
Shorts (above the knees) – +240
Skirt or dress – -200

Obviously, the last option is the heavy fave and a quick Google search reveals all sorts of flouncy skirt-ish outfits, which underscores this market outlook. According to StyleWatch, Kate Perry is running the gamut with her wardrobe, which means it's likely that she'll cover all these basis. Which she rolls out first is anybody's guess. We're going with shorts for this interesting NFL pick.

The Super Bowl Prop Pick: Shorts +240. 

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How Many Times Will Giselle Bundchen Be Shown On TV?
Obviously, they're going to show Giselle Bundchen on TV. How could you not train the camera on one of the most photogenic person in the world! Put it this way, it would be rather inconsiderate and irresponsible if they didn't.  The odds are set to Over/Under 1 1/2.

Over (Even)
Under (-140)

Look, if the cameraman doesn't find Giselle Bundchen more than 1.5 times, he should be fired! Simple as that.

The Super Bowl Prop Pick: Over 1 1/2. 


Who Will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his interview
This proposition bet relies exclusively on which team wins and then the subsequent player within that receives the honour, obviously.

Teammates – 3/1
God – 2/1
Fans/City 15/2
Owner 12/1
Coach 15/1
Family 15/1
Does not mention any of the above – 5/2

Heck, with NFL odds ranging from 15/1 to 12/1, we're hoping one of the following gets the mention. Needless to say, if a Seahawks win and Russell Wilson winning the MVP honour is your inclination, you're best backing God to get the first mention. Don't be surprised if he breaks out into Amazing Grace or a throws in a couple of Hallelujahs (no odds available for that as far as we can tell).  

The Super Bowl Prop Pick: Fans/City, Family, Coach or Owner. 


Super Bowl XLIX Nevada Handle 
Super Bowl 48 set a new record of $119.4 M across Nevada Casinos. Given the hype and the hoopla that has precedes this billing, it's quite likely this handle will be breached.

Over $120 M  – -115

Under $120 M  – -115

The Super Bowl Prop Pick: Over $120. It's bound to happen.

There's something for everyone on the Super Bowl Props Board.

Other Props On Offer
Will announcer use "Spygate" in game – Yes (+145), No (-175)

Who will Barack Obama Pick to win Super Bowl – NE or SEA (both at -115)

What colour hoodie will Bill Belichick wear – Grey (-175), Blue (+125), Red (+700)

Team to win coin toss – NE or SEA (both at -105)

How many viewers will the game have  – Over 113 M (-125) or Under 113 M (-105)

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