Prop Bets Blanket CBS Team's Nearly 12 Hours Of Super Bowl Coverage

Prop Bets Blanket CBS Team's Nearly 12 Hours Of Super Bowl Coverage

Has anyone taken a good look at Tony Romo’s forehead for a lightning-shaped scar, because muggles, Tony Romo is a wizard.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback will finally bring his talents to the Super Bowl, only the magic won’t be on the field, it will be in the broadcast booth with Jim Nantz as part of the CBS broadcast team.

We say magic, because color analyst Romo continues to display this eerie talent of being able accurately call plays before they happen.

This skill was center-stage on Sunday when he successfully predicted play after play in the Patriots’ winning drive over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nearly two years into the job after CBS Sports gave him a shot, Romo and his contagious and enthusiastic commentary will be sitting next to longtime Super Bowl veteran Nantz, calling their first NFL championship game together as the network’s No. 1 broadcast team. Tracy Wolfson and Evan Washburn will provide sideline coverage.

Also part of the team will be new NFL rules analyst Gene Steratore, who was head referee last year for Super Bowl LII, and former NFL kicker Jay Feely, as a contributor from the field.

This will be the first Super Bowl after the Supreme Court ruling that allows states to establish sports betting books. And while more than $5 billion is expected to be wagered on the game, don’t expect to hear any chatter about betting lines or over/unders during the broadcast, it was announced at a recent news conference with CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus.

“We will be flexible going forward, but it’s only been legalized in a few states so far,’ McManus told Reuters. “It wasn’t something we were going to in some ways burden our announcers with.’

CBS may not talk about sports betting but the broadcast team is the topic of several prop bets offered by MyBookie, from fashion to Romo’s prognosticatin skills. Bets include:

    Quarter of Tony Romo’s 1st correct play prediction.

    • First +140
    • Second +175
    • Third +275
    • Fourth +300

    Tony Romo or Jim Nantz mention the spread?

    • Yes +300
    • No -500

    Will Gene Steratore get 1st replay call correct?

    • Yes -150
    • No -110

    Color of Tony Romo’s tie (predominant color).

    • Blue +350
    • Grey +400
    • Black +450
    • Pink +500
    • Red +550
    • Purple +600
    • Brown +650
    • Yellow +700
    • Any other color +600

    Will Tony Romo’s tie be one solid color?

    • Yes +160
    • No -200

    Will Tony Romo be clean shaven?

    • Yes +300
    • No -500

    Color of Jim Nantz’s tie (predominant color).

    • Red +250
    • Pink +350
    • Purple +500
    • Blue +500
    • Red +550
    • Grey +600
    • Black +600
    • Brown +700
    • Yellow +700
    • Any other color +600

    Will Jim Nantz’s tie be one solid color?

    • Yes +200
    • No -300

    What will Tracy Wolfson be wearing?

    • Skirt/Dress +300
    • Pants -500

    Of course, before this team begins its call of Super Bowl LIII, CBS Sports will provide seven, yes, you read that right, seven hours of pregame coverage.

    The day-long pregame show begins at 11:30 a.m. with “That Other Pregame Show’ with Amy Trask, London Fletcher, Brandon Tierny and Adam Shein. That is followed by NFL Films’ “Road to the Super Bowl.’

    At 1 p.m., “Tony Goes to the Super Bowl’ is Romo’s season-long behind-the-scenes journey to Atlanta including interviews with past Super Bowl champions Len Dawson, John Elway, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Ray Lewis and Sean Payton.

    At 2 p.m., “The Super Bowl Today,’ hosted by James Brown with Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher, Phil Simms and Nate Burleson, will preview all the football and excitement leading to the kickoff of Super Bowl LIII.

      At 6 p.m., the “Super Bowl on CBS Kick-Off Show’ features the singing of “America the Beautiful’ and Gladys Knight singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.’

      Super Bowl kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.