Prelude to "Inside the Isolator": Warren Sharp Joins the SBR Team

Warren Sharp

Friday, September 1, 2017 7:51 PM UTC

Friday, Sep. 1, 2017 7:51 PM UTC

The NFL is a difficult sport to beat from a betting perspective, but join me weekly as I give you a private tour of my personal notes and research in hopes of uncovering the small details that make the difference between a win and a loss.

There are many reasons.  Several of which include the fact that the number of teams are few such that linemakers only have to line 16 games (at most) every week, which is far fewer than any other pro sport.  And the market is so huge, that it is very rare to find completely mispriced games because the volume which is bet is constantly shaping the lines to optimal efficiency by the start of the game.  But I’ve had tremendous success beating the NFL, and there are also a number of reasons for that.  But a key one, which anyone can easily replicate, is focus.  I literally work on the NFL 365 days a year.  It is the only sport I actively handicap year round.  I specialize.  As such, I am able to ignore distractions of other seasons and sports, and focus my efforts where my biggest edge is.  Football totals, and specifically, NFL totals.

I isolate myself from the rest of the sports world to focus on the NFL.  I’m able to do this in the comfortable confines of my home office, which features insulated walls, a bank of computer monitors at a work station area and a theatre area which features 3 flat screens plus a massive, central projection screen to view 8 games simultaneously, each the size of a 32” TV monitor.  Everything I need is at my fingertips, and it drastically improves my efficiency.

Back in 1925, they did not have such luxuries.   Apparently, there were too many distractions (odd to think, considering today’s social media interferences in daily life).  So, an inventor by the name of Hugo Gernsback invented “The Isolator”.  It was a massive helmet that effectively cut a user off from the world around him by completely eliminating outside noises.  The worker would breathe via an oxygen tank, and could see to work through a tiny, horizontal slit.  This was clearly a terrible invention. 

Often, as I cut myself off from the outside world to research and study the NFL 14+ hours a day, I feel like I’m operating inside a virtual “Isolator”.  Hence the name of this column.  Every week during the NFL season, I’ll be writing an article exclusive to SBR called “Inside the Isolator”.  The goal will be an “emptying the notebook” with a collection of tidbits I uncovered each week which didn’t make it into my write-ups or analysis that I shared with clients for the week.  The format will include these same sections each week: 

  • What I want to see from teams this week
  • What I don’t want to see from teams this week
  • What I found
  • What you need to know

Another other unique element about this column will be its release.  While most content you read from a football betting perspective is delivered in-week, this will be a feature piece on Sunday mornings, to get you ready for the slate of games that day.  That allows this column to feature late breaking news and analysis to become a key factor in what I’m able to deliver. 

I’ll add a special section to the Isolator this week to give you a better glimpse into me and my style, and I’ll tailor this article to season long discussion, rather than week 1 discussion.  The topics below will be far more “heavy” and detailed than they will be during the season, but we’ve had a long offseason and plenty of time for me to research and share some observations.

What you should know about me is…

…I’m a licensed Professional Engineer and have practiced in the industry for 20 years after graduating from a top-10 engineering school with a degree in Civil Engineering.

…I work for multiple syndicate betting groups, providing them with the same recommendations and analysis that I provide to clients on my in-season analysis site:

…I earned that opportunity and have become respected by Vegas and offshore linemakers because of the strength of my NFL totals recommendations, which have hit 61% lifetime (455-297) and are still dominating, delivering 70% winners the last two years.

…Last year I launched a free-to-use visualized NFL stats website,  It features entirely unique visualizations, such as Strength of Schedule by 30 metrics, personnel grouping frequencies by team and the first ever fully dynamic Success Rate Over Average (SROA) for passing/receiving and rushing.

…I wrote a bestseller on this summer:  Warren Sharp’s 2017 Football Preview, featuring the fastest way for you to get smart for the 2017 season.  It’s an excellent tool to prep for the year or a tremendous resource guide to use in-season.  Check out the reviews to see what your peers think.

…I’m extremely analytical in my approach, and believe my approach to describing my findings will help not just with your betting results, but your general football knowledge which will help in your own betting ventures as well as fantasy football.  Now, on to the good stuff, emptying my notebook to show you some insights you probably haven’t seen elsewhere.

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