Playoff Longshots to Avoid at All Cost: 6 Teams Not Worth The Risk this Season

Doug Upstone

Thursday, July 21, 2016 3:47 PM UTC

Thursday, Jul. 21, 2016 3:47 PM UTC

With an annual turnover of just over 50 percent of division winners since going to 32 teams, often the discussion is who will make the NFL playoffs as a new season comes around yet again.

For some teams, the NFL Playoffs are about as close as Jenny McCarthy and Tara Reid are these days. (Google it)

On this day we will breakdown which teams from each conference will miss the postseason and the only way they get in is by buying a ticket. We will also include their current NFL odds from each conference to illustrate their uphill battles.


Who Is Not Invited to NFC Party?
Chip Kelly certainly did not leave Philadelphia (approx +2600 odds to win NFC depending on your choice sportsbook) in better shape than he started with. The offensive line is a wreck, there is no dependable running back and the defense is not set, especially at cornerback. With Sam Bradford likely under center, good luck to first-year coach Doug Pederson.

If Los Angeles (+3300) loves star power and winners, attendance at the Rams game after the premier (Sept. 18) will be about the same if they made Lethal Weapon 5 with original cast. Whatever coaching magic Jeff Fisher had, it stayed in Tennessee and the current roster is dysfunctional on both sides of the ball. Not sure Tom Brady, let alone rookie Jared Goff could fix this offense.

The only people who did not know Jim Tomsula would be a failure as head coach in San Francisco (+4500) was the those who hired him. With the chasm between the 49ers and Seattle and Arizona in the NFC West roughly the same as driving distances from the Bay Area, hiring Kelly is no short term solution and the long term is debatable.

Tampa Bay (+4000) was not as good as team which started 6-6, nor as bad as crew which closed 0-6. If quarterback Jamesis Winston continues along right career path, there a possibility the Buccaneers could reach .500 in 2016, but too many more talented teams ahead of Tampa Bay that will fill playoff seats.

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Who Will Be Left Off AFC Playoff Guest List?
If Johnny Manziel is not good enough to secure a job with Cleveland (+7000 to win AFC), where does this jackal find work in this league? This franchise is going nowhere, making bad football decisions at every turn and hiring and promoting people that have little prior experience in their new jobs. Complete mess.

From the AFC South, Jacksonville (+2500) is well ahead of Tennessee (+5000) in terms of direction. The Jaguars have pieces and could be surprise club, yet with offensive line still in flux and defense sporting too many gaps, .500 is more likely correct benchmark. The Titans hiring Mike Mularky after he was one-year washout in Jacksonville in 2012 tells how much ownership values coaching. Tennessee has their franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota and a few other names those making NFL picks will know, otherwise, the kitchen cupboards are rather bare.

San Diego (+3800) is in no-man's land both on the field and off it. Those drinking the Chargers kool-aid will point to nine of their 12 defeats were by eight points or less. Nonetheless, you don't lose a dozen times by accident and with Philip Rivers getting up and years and more mistake-prone, this rudderless club is not prepared for this season or the future.

Adam Gase might be an up and coming head coach in the NFL, but unless he can turn Ryan Tannehill into a Top 12 quarterback, his success might have to come somewhere else. Miami (+3300) has an odd mix of players, more known for individual ability than team success and the rest of the Dolphins are a collection of hodge-podge talent.

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