Patriots-Seahawks Lead Super Bowl LII Matchups Odds from 5Dimes

Kevin Stott

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 5:24 PM UTC

Tuesday, May. 30, 2017 5:24 PM UTC

With the Patriots such heavy favorites to win their second straight Super Bowl, is there any creative way to potentially wager on Tom Brady and  Co. this coming NFL season while also making it a little entertaining? 5Dimes has a long list of Super Bowl LII props matchups which may be worth their while for the savvy sports gambler.

Super Bowl LII Matchups Odds

An entertaining and potentially profitable niche Props market with some Lotto-like prices is the Super Bowl LII Matchups one offered up from offshore operator 5Dimes. This year’s Super Bowl will be the 52nd played and the 48th NFL Championship Game of the modern era (since the AFL and NFL merged) and is set for the 1-year-old U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018 (NBC). And maybe this season more than previous ones, it seems like the AFC representative to fight for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in early 2018 will again be the defending champion New England Patriots (+377 to win Super Bowl, BetDSI), who possess the best Head Coach, Quarterback and Roster in the NFL and who have already been in seven Super Bowls this new millennium.

Some Super Bowl LII matchups we’re not likely to witness in the much-watched football game that puts a pigskin cherry on top of the NFL Regular Season and Playoffs are Jets-49ers (+999,999 Super Bowl LII matchup, 5Dimes), Browns-49ers (999,999/1), Browns-Rams (7,200/1), Browns-Bears (6,800/1), Jaguars-49ers (5,400/1), Bills-49ers (5,400/1), Jets-Rams (5,400/1) or Jets-Bears (5,100/1) as New York (200/1 to win Super Bowl, 5Dimes) embarks on the Josh McCown Era while Chicago (200/1 to win Super Bowl, BetOnline) -- after The Jay Cutler Years -- turns to (QB) either Free Agent-signee Mike Glennon to a three-year pact then traded up in the 2017 NFL Draft to take North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky with the #2 Pick.



Let’s take a look at odds for some potential Super Bowl matchups all the way up to the 250/1 odds range from sportsbook 5Dimes and then offer up thoughts for some hopefully decent picks in designated short-, medium- and long-shot categories in this fun, but one-winner-only NFL Futures marketplace:

Super Bowl LII Odds Up To 100/1

New England Patriots-Seattle Seahawks 13/1

New England Patriots-Dallas Cowboys 15/1

New England Patriots-New York Giants 15/1

New England Patriots-Green Bay Packers 20/1

New England Patriots-Atlanta Falcons 24/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Dallas Cowboys +2650

New England Patriots-Arizona Cardinals +3850

Pittsburgh Steelers-Green Bay Packers 44/1

Oakland Raiders-Dallas Cowboys 45/1

New England Patriots-Carolina Panthers +4750

Pittsburgh Steelers-Green Bay Packers +5050

New England Patriots-Minnesota Vikings +5450

Oakland Raiders-Green Bay Packers 57/1

New England Patriots-Tampa Bay Buccaneers 60/1

Oakland Raiders-Atlanta Falcons 60/1

Oakland Raiders-Seattle Seahawks 61/1

Denver Broncos-Seattle Seahawks +6250

Denver Broncos-Green Bay Packers 64/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Dallas Cowboys 68/1

Houston Texans-Dallas Cowboys 68/1

Oakland Raiders-New York Giants 70/1

Denver Broncos-Atlanta Falcons 73/1

Denver Broncos-Dallas Cowboys 73/1

Houston Texans-Seattle Seahawks 76/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Seattle Seahawks 76/1

Houston Texans-Green Bay Packers 78/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Green Bay Packers 78/1

New England Patriots-Philadelphia Eagles 88/1

Houston Texans-Atlanta Falcons 89/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Atlanta Falcons 89/1

New England Patriots-New Orleans Saints 90/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Arizona Cardinals 90/1

Denver Broncos-New York Giants 90/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Carolina Panthers 92/1

Indianapolis Colts-Dallas Cowboys 96/1 


Super Bowl LII Odds Up To 200/1

New England Patriots-Washington Redskins 100/1

Oakland Raiders-Carolina Panthers 100/1

Houston Texans-New York Giants 100/1

Kansas City Chiefs-New York Giants 100/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Minnesota Vikings 103/1

Baltimore Ravens-Dallas Cowboys 103/1

Indianapolis Colts-Seattle Seahawks 108/1

Indianapolis Colts-Green Bay Packers 110/1

New England Patriots-Detroit Lions 112/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Philadelphia Eagles 115/1

Baltimore Ravens-Seattle Seahawks 115/1

Baltimore Ravens-Green Bay Packers 117/1

Oakland Raiders-Philadelphia Eagles 125/1

Tennessee Titans-Green Bay Packers 125/1

Indianapolis Colts-Atlanta Falcons 125/1

Denver Broncos-Detroit Lions 133/1

Denver Broncos-Carolina Panthers 133/1

Baltimore Ravens-Atlanta Falcons 134/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Tampa Bay Buccaneers 137/1

Cincinnati Bengals-Dallas Cowboys 139/1

Miami Dolphins-Dallas Cowboys 139/1

Oakland Raiders-Minnesota Vikings 145/1

Denver Broncos-Minnesota Vikings 149/1

Houston Texans-Minnesota Vikings 150/1

Tennessee Titans-Seattle Seahawks 155/1

Cincinnati Bengals-Seattle Seahawks 155/1

Miami Dolphins-Seattle Seahawks 155/1

Oakland Raiders-Arizona Cardinals 161/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Carolina Panthers 162/1

Houston Texans-Carolina Panthers 162/1

Denver Broncos-Arizona Cardinals 166/1

Tennessee Titans-New York Giants 175/1

Los Angeles Chargers-Dallas Cowboys 177/1

Miami Dolphins-Atlanta Falcons 181/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Minnesota Vikings 181/1

Tennessee Titans-Atlanta Falcons 181/1

Cincinnati Bengals-Atlanta Falcons 181/1

Indianapolis Colts-New York Giants 183/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-New Orleans Saints 188/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Washington Redskins 188/1

Oakland Raiders-Tampa Bay Buccaneers 192/1

Baltimore Ravens-New York Giants 196/1

Denver Broncos-Tampa Bay Buccaneers 197/1

Los Angeles Chargers-Seattle Seahawks 198/1


Super Bowl LII Odds Up To 305/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Arizona Cardinals 200/1

Houston Texans-Arizona Cardinals 200/1

Los Angeles Chargers-Green Bay Packers 205/1

Pittsburgh Steelers-Detroit Lions 210/1

Jacksonville Jaguars-Dallas Cowboys 220/1

Denver Broncos-Philadelphia Eagles 220/1

Buffalo Bills-Dallas Cowboys 220/1

New England Patriots-Chicago Bears 220/1

Jacksonville Jaguars-Green Bay Packers 225/1

Los Angeles Chargers-Atlanta Falcons 230/1

Indianapolis Colts-Carolina Panthers 230/1

New England Patriots-Los Angeles Rams 235/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Tampa Bay Buccaneers 245/1

Houston Texans-Tampa Bay Buccaneers 240/1

Baltimore Ravens-Carolina Panthers 245/1

Buffalo Bills-Seattle Seahawks 250/1

Jacksonville Jaguars-Seattle Seahawks 250/1

Indianapolis Colts-Minnesota Vikings 255/1

Buffalo Bills-Green Bay Packers 255/1

Cincinnati Bengals-New York Giants 265/1

Oakland Raiders-Washington Redskins 265/1

Oakland Raiders-New Orleans Saints 265/1

Miami Dolphins-New York Giants 265/1

Denver Broncos-New Orleans Saints 270/1

Denver Broncos-Washington Redskins 270/1

Kansas City Chiefs-Philadelphia Eagles 270/1

Baltimore Ravens-Minnesota Vikings 275/1

Indianapolis Colts-Arizona Cardinals 285/1

Houston Texans-Philadelphia Eagles 290/1

Buffalo Bills-Atlanta Falcons 290/1

Jacksonville Jaguars-Atlanta Falcons 290/1

Oakland Raiders-Detroit Lions 295/1

Baltimore Ravens-Arizona Cardinals 305/1



Super Bowl LII Prediction From a Distance

With Head Coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady still in the midst of an NFL dynasty and adding gems like WR Andrew Hawkins (Browns) and TE Rob Gronkowski (Injured 2016) to an already loaded Roster, it will be hard to keep this Patriots team from getting to The Land of 10,000 Lakes, although the Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders (13/1 to win Super Bowl, Heritage) have improved steadily and the Pittsburgh Steelers (16/1 to win Super Bowl, Bovada) have QB Ben Roethlisberger, WR Antonio Brown and RB Le’Veon Bell intent on getting to the AFC title tilt before their talented AFC North Roster gets any older. 

So who emerges from the NFC as champion will likely be the key to cashing this Props bet, and the now usual suspects -- Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys (10/1 to win Super Bowl, Bovada), Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks (12/1 to win Super Bowl, Bovada), future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers (+1165 to win Super Bowl, BetDSI), and Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers (29/1 to win Super Bowl, BetDSI) -- to battle it out in this conference with Jameis Winston and the upstart Buccaneers (36/1 to win Super Bowl, BetOnline) possibly being the surprise team in the NFC this campaign.

RB Doug Martin and Tampa Bay face defending Super Bowl champion New England in the Week 5 TNF opener from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (CBS, 8:25 pm ET) in a game in which the oddsmakers at the Westgate Las Vegas Hilton opened Julian Edelman and the Patriots up as 5-point chalks in its renowned 2017 NFL Games of the Year list, but maybe the biggest game of the Regular Season for WRs Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson and the Buccaneers comes at Home in Week 15 in an NFC South showdown with Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons (ATL -1½, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook).


MID-SHOT SUPER BOWL PICKS Patriots-Buccaneers 60/1

LONG-SHOT SUPER BOWL MATCHUP PICK: Texans-Buccaneers 240/1 (5Dimes)

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