Our Handicappers Game-by-Game Analysis on the Eagles

Nila Amerova

Saturday, July 19, 2014 6:04 AM UTC

Saturday, Jul. 19, 2014 6:04 AM UTC

Philadelphia Eagles look to rebuild on what they did right last season, a surprising strong finish that propelled them into the playoffs before falling in the wild card round. Can they accomplish objectives all the while dealing with a much tougher schedule? Find out as we go game-by-game and serve up win-loss predictions and finally an overall total wins pick.

Can Eagles Make Another Playoff Run?
Behind the emergence of Nick Foles as an offensive quarterback force, Philadelphia Eagles enjoyed immense success, winning nine out of ten games when he started to cinch the NFC East title (10-6 record). This spurred them on into the playoffs where they narrowly lost to the Saints 26-24. Eagles offense lit up when Nick Foles took over the starting position from Vick. He threw for 27 touchdowns and just 2 interceptions. On the defensive side of the bal, the Eagles were suspect. In fact, they ranked dead last in the NFL. Offseason restocking focused on the defensive side of the ball, additions that Eagles hope will prove pivotal towards an even better campaign in the regular season and an enduring run through the playoffs. Sportsbooks list the Eagles at 8.5 wins on the regular season with the 'Over' NFL pick favoured at -135 to the Under at +140.


Week 1 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jaguars were a non-issue last season with few teams experiencing trouble to beat them. NFL experts are expecting better results from the rebuilt Jaguars side on the upcoming season. Opening week of NFL just might be too early for all those changes to come together successfully, making it a winnable game for the Eagles.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 2 @ Indianapolis Colts
This should be a very interesting game all around, particularly for the Eagles’ improved defence. How they deal with Andrew Luck is going to tell us whether new signings will be the difference maker. Eagles could make a real game of this, but beating the Colts at home is going to be challenging.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 3 vs. Washington Redskins
This is a must-win game for the Eagles against divisional rivals Washington Redskins at home. Last season, the Eagles swept the series: opening against the Skins to win 33-27 on the road, then winning 24-16 at home in week 11. The Redskins have made some improvements in the offseason, which will make sweeping the series this season a challenge. That said winning at home should be possible so long as the secondary does its part against RGIII and Company.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 4 @ San Francisco 49ers
This will be the first meeting between Nick Foles and Colin Kaepernick, two very offensive-minded quarterbacks. It should set up for a thrilling showdown between the pair. Foles, however, should have the tougher time against an elite Niners defense.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 5 vs. St. Louis Rams
St. Louis can’t be underestimated; they are attractive on both sides of the ball. Reality is, though, they haven’t travelled well over the past few seasons. If the Eagles can hold back the Rams, they should sneak away with the win.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 6 vs. New York Giants
Eagles and Giants split the series last season with both teams winning on the road. Giants have made key improvements, all of which are set up so to challenge the Eagles for the NFC East title. This should be a dogged affair. Eagles should win at home, but don’t count out Eli Manning and Co, swooping into town to take the win.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 7  -  Bye

Week 8 @ Arizona Cardinals
Eagles offense is going to get a run for its money by a solid Cardinals defense. This is a tough matchup immediately after a Bye week, but the added time to prepare could be a bonus. This is a tossup, but the Eagles could prove better. If they remain disciplined on defense and Foles is in top form, the Eagles could fly the coop with a win.
?NFL Pick: Win


Week 9 @ Houston Texans
The outcome of this game hinges on what Houston side emerges this season, the stellar 2012 version or the abominable 2013 version. By Week 9, NFL bettors should know the answer. If it’s the former, Eagles should traipse to a straightforward victory. If it’s the latter, it could be a tougher game than most would expect. Forced to make a decision, we’re going with the win as we simply don’t know how good the Texans are going to be just yet.
?NFL Pick: Win


Week 10 vs. Carolina Panthers
Last season, the Panthers shook NFL betting markets by clinching the NFC South title ahead of New Orleans Saints behind a 12-4 mark. The Eagles defense will need to find a way to contain Cam Newton and Company if they hope to take the home win. Whether they’ll be up for the task remains to be seen. At this point in time, this could go either way: Eagles should win at home; Panthers could definitely take the road win.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 11 @ Green Bay Packers
Last year, the Eagles beat injury-plagued Packers 27-13 – the most notable injured being Rodgers – and Nick Foles had a standout day throwing three TDs. The Packers have one of the most potent offenses, so long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy. If Rodgers is healthy and fit for this game, he’ll rip apart Eagles secondary. So it’s hard to see the Eagles swooping into town to take the victory.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 12 vs. Tennessee Titans
With home advantage, a lukewarm Titans offense and so-so Titans defense, the Eagles should win this game with relative ease.
?NFL Pick: Win


Week 13 @ Dallas Cowboys
Last season, the pair split the series with both winning on the road. That said Nick Foles didn’t play a part in the 17-3 defeat at home to Dallas. He did however play a significant role in their reverse 24-22 win, a victory on the final day of the season that clinched the NFC East title. If Dallas embark on the negative trend that many pundits are ominously predicting for the season, the Eagles should win on the road again.
?NFL Pick: Win


Week 14 vs. Seattle Seahawks
Defending champions Seattle Seahawks will prove a stern test for the Eagles and Nick Foles credentials as a starting quarterback. That said anything could happen at this late stage of the season. On paper, the Hawks are undoubtedly superior. If the Eagles somehow capitalise on home advantage to beat the Hawks, however, it would be a statement-making win. Cautiously optimistic NFL bettors might consider the slim chance they might when the Hawks will be coming off a tough road trip to San Francisco.
?NFL Pick: Win

Week 15 vs. Dallas Cowboys
As mentioned in Week 13, this game is a tossup. Divisional implications aside, everything hinges on Dallas Star – whether they’ll be better or worse than preset NFL betting expectations. If they are the latter (most NFL pundits believe so with an aging force), the Eagles should win at home.
?NFL Pick: Win


Week 16 @ Washington Redskins
Last season, the Eagles swept the series with the Redskins. They’ll definitely try to do so again here, especially if the divisional title is on the line or a wild card battle hangs in the balance. Then again, this season’s Redskins might be better than previous instalments so it’s a tossup.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 17 @ New York Giants
Last year, Nick Foles relieved Michael Vick to lead the Eagles to the 36-21 victory. Unfortunately, he didn’t feature in their second meeting, which the Eagles lost 17-3 at home. It’s hard to determine what to expect from both sides this season, but one thing is certain: the Giants should be better. It’s quite reasonable to assume, therefore, the Eagles will have a tough time in the Big Apple.
NFL Pick: Loss


NFL Betting Verdict
By our best-case estimation, we have the Philadelphia Eagles going 11-5 on the season. Our worst-case scenario has them going as low as 9-7 – give or take one or two games that we’ve called so-called “tossups.” In any event, we expect they’ll go come through on the Over 8.5 NFL pick in order to deliver on their favourable NFL odds of  -135 in regular season wins betting. 

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