Odds Shift as Brady Suspension Overturned: New NFL Picks Value on Offer?

Swinging Johnson

Thursday, September 3, 2015 5:21 PM UTC

Thursday, Sep. 3, 2015 5:21 PM UTC

Breaking news! Judge Richard Berman nullifies the NFL’s 4-game suspension of Tom Brady and the NFL odds on the Patriots vs. Steelers Week 1 have already reflected this highly anticipated decision.

Players Association Trumps the NFL
After eight long months the mountain that was made of this mole hill has finally crumbled courtesy of Judge Richard Berman. If you believe the initial narrative that was promulgated by the NFL that 11 of 12 Patriots’ footballs were over two pounds light then I submit you are either an incorrigible Patriot hater or you haven’t been paying attention. ESPN’s Chris Mortenson was used by a source at the NFL’s highest levels to disseminate this erroneous information and fans of 31 other NFL teams ate it up like a bowl of ice cream. The bottom line is that Roger Goodell spent millions of dollars and lost even more in terms of professional credibility when he went after the NFL’s golden boy on a supposition that Brady was generally aware that some of the balls may have been deflated.

While I would relish the opportunity to dissect and eviscerate the NFL’s case against Brady in this forum it is safe to say that Judge Berman did some of that leg work already. His verdict champions the NFL’s overreach in this case but all the hard evidence in the world will never convince the sheeple who choose to believe that anything the Patriots do must be wrought with chicanery and deception. All of that aside it appears that Tom Brady will be in uniform for all 16 games this season and that has changed the landscape of the NFL odds market not only for New England but the AFC as a whole.


Patriots’ NFL Odds
If you liked the Patriots before then you most definitely should plunked a few bucks down by now because you didn’t have to be an NFL odds maker to know that if Brady’s suspension was vacated then the line would spike on their opening week game against Pittsburgh but the bottom would drop on all their NFL futures as well.


Super Bowl Odds: The Pats have gone from +900 only a few moments ago to +750 at shops like Bet365.


AFC East:
The Patriots have now rocketed to -225 to win the AFC East from -125 in many of the offshore sportsbooks. The rest of the division has experienced movement as well as the NFL odds are now as follows:

Patriots: -225

Dolphins: +425

Bills: +550


AFC Championship

Patriots: +333

Colts: +400

Broncos: +550


Totals Wins
Prior to the verdict the Patriots projected win total was as low as 9 at shops like SkyBet.com but now that the world knows Tom Terrific will be uniform from opening day that number has soared to as high as 11 ½ in the offshore markets. Now that would have made for a nice middle had you had a crystal ball or Judge Berman’s ear.


Week 1 NFL Pick: Steelers vs. Patriots
If we are talking about juicy middles consider that you could have surfed on over to a sportsbook like GTBets.com and grabbed the Patriots at -2 ½ with an early NFL pick when Brady’s suspension was announced and bided your time until today when Brady’s suspension was vacated. Now you lay in wait for the sportsbooks to adjust their lines as fast as possible and you could now get the Steelers at a robust +7 at sportsbooks like BetOnline.com.


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