Notable NFL Odds Movements: Friday, October 2

Chris Andrews

Friday, October 2, 2015 7:59 PM UTC

Friday, Oct. 2, 2015 7:59 PM UTC

Major line moves of the past 24 hours from the NFL. How every NFL line got to where they are right now.

This line move log is a little different. I will go through how all the games have moved during the week. I’ll make a note of anything that moved today.


251 Jets/252 Dolphins- The Jets opened -2.5 and as high as -3. It quickly went to Jets -1.5 and has stayed pretty close to that since Monday. Public is on the Jets. Early money was from wiseguys but not much from them since.


253 Jaguars/254 Colts- The Colts have stayed at around -9. Andrew Luck is now questionable, but I haven’t seen any movement. We’ll see what happens if he is declared out. No real play from public or wiseguys.


255 Texans/256 Falcons- The Falcons opened -6, went to -6.5 and now mostly 6. The public is on the Falcons, wiseguys have taken +6.5 when it has shown.


257 Panthers/258 Bucs- The public is firmly on the Panthers while the wiseguys have been on the dog. Panthers have been -3 with juice on the favorite. Wiseguys have taken plus money with the Bucs and starting to take some even money.


259 Giants/260 Bills- Bills opened -6.5 and -6, now down to -5. Wiseguys moved the number but the public is on the public is on the Giants as well.


261 Raiders/262 Bears- Raiders opened -2, climbed up to -3 with juice on the favorite. Wiseguys moved it early but the public has accounted for the latest move. Nothing from the wiseguys taking +3 even. That tells me its going a little higher yet.


263 Eagles/264 Redskins- Eagles opened -3 with juice on the favorite or even -3.5. Public remains on the chalk, but the wiseguys have come the other way. Eagles are now -3 with juice on the dog.


265 Chiefs/266 Bengals- The Bengals opened -4.5, got bet down to -3.5 by the wiseguys, back up to -4.5 by the public (and a little sharp money) and now settling in -4 with more wiseguy money taking the +4.5.


267 Browns/268 Chargers- Chargers opened -9, now bet down as low as -7, but mostly -7.5.


269 Packers/270 49ers- Packers opened -7 for those that had it up before the Monday night game, but on Tuesday it got bet up quickly to -9. Now settled in at -8. No surprise, public strongly on the Packers.


271 Vikings/272 Broncos- Broncos have hovered between -6.5 and -7. Public is on the Broncos, but nothing crazy.


273 Rams/274 Cardinals- Cards opened -6.5, now up to -7 even, so not a huge move. The Cardinals are the biggest public betting side.


275 Cowboys/278 Saints- The Saints opened today at -3 with juice or -3.5. So far the public is on the Cowboys.


277 Lions/278 Seahawks- Seahawks opened between -9 and -10. The line has drifted up a bit with the public on the favorite. Mostly -9.5 but some -10 as well.

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