NFL's Most Undervalued Picks in AFC Odds

Jordan Sharp

Friday, August 1, 2014 3:39 PM UTC

Friday, Aug. 1, 2014 3:39 PM UTC

The AFC is a little harder to find value in than the NFC this season. This could be due to several factors, however the most prevalent is probably the top heavy-nature of the conference over the last year or two. Can anyone other than the two favorites win the conference?

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1200)
Last year the Steelers didn’t show much when it cam to the playoffs, in fact they missed the playoffs for the second year in a row. This hasn’t happened to the Steelers since the 1999 and 2000 seasons where hey missed the playoffs two years in a row. Needless to say, it would be hard to see the Steelers not make the playoffs again this season. They have missed the playoffs three years in a row only twice since the 1970s, and that was before this franchises big turnaround during that decade. However, that’s enough of the Pittsburgh history lesson. This year’s version of the Steelers should get back to the playoffs, and will likely win their division. If they are able to capture the AFC North crowns, they should be able to host at least one home game in the AFC playoffs. As long as their defense can rebound in 2014, the Steelers have a shot at upsetting either the Broncos or Patriots. Their price of +1200 is very undervalued.


San Diego Chargers (+1800)
The Chargers have been growing on me all offseason, and after writing last season off as somewhat of a fluke, fast-forward to now and the Chargers are actually looking somewhat undervalued. SportsInteraction sportbook offers +1800 at  to win the AFC, they are one of the lowest ranked future odds teams this year that made the playoffs last season. Even though they are very young still on offense, this could potentially be a 10-win football team. They play in a weaker division outside of the Broncos, and as long as their pass defense issues are solved this season, the Chargers are going to be a lot better than their NFL Odds reflect this summer. Another 9-7, or even a 10-6 record might not be outside of the realm of possibility for the Chargers.


Tennessee Titans (+4000)
While I know you’ve already clicked to close this article by my even mentioning the Titans as having value, however if you haven’t clicked away from this article yet, hear me out. Even though you would be foolish to bet them to win the AFC this season, the Titans are not going to be as bad as their future odds reflect. They do have the possibility of being bad, but they also have eight or nine win upside. They play in the softest division in all of football, and last season, their team showed some flashes. Even with the loss of Alteraun Verner, they should still have a very good pass defense, and their run defense will likely be a lot better this season too. If Jake Locker can stay healthy and accurate, the Titans are going to compete for one of the wildcard spots in the AFC. Tennessee has two very bright young star receivers in Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright, and if their running game can improve some too, the Titans may have some of the best NFL Odds value this season. When placing your ATS bets this season, don’t fade the Titans too much.


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