NFL Prop Bets: Broncos vs. Raiders Week 10 Picks

Nikki Adams

Thursday, November 6, 2014 8:38 PM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014 8:38 PM UTC

To add to your NFL betting thrills on the divisional clash between the Broncos and Raiders, a game that appears straightforward as far as predicting the winner, we look at some value NFL props. 

Broncos vs. Raiders Prop
Sportsbooks roll out a comprehensive serving of NFL props for each and every game on the NFL betting plate, including the divisional clash featuring the Broncos and Raiders. Overwhelmingly, the game is cornered in the Broncos’ camp to win straight up at -650 NFL odds. And as the 11-point favourites on the spread and a total set to 49-points, expectations are the Broncos will ride roughshod over the Raiders.

So lopsided are the main NFL betting markets, that finding additional angles for profit comes down to sifting through various props. We’ve collated a few that correspond to the main NFL betting markets.

NFL Prop: Banded Total Points
The Total Betting odds set for this game hover around the 49-point mark across various sportsbooks or thereabouts. Depending on whether you are leaning towards the OVER or UNDER on your NFL picks, there are props to spruce your Total (no pun intended) experience.

Banded Total Points at Bet365, for example, allow you to pick the total combined score range, from 0-20 (at +4000) and 21-30 (at +1100) to 31-40 (+400), 40-50 (+200) and 51-60 (at +230) and so on. It’s interesting to note that the lowest price tag is associated with the 40-50 score, which could be an indication of where bookies actually feel the score will settle. For our money, we fancy the 51-60 range at +230 NFL odds.


NFL Prop: Total Touchdowns
Denver Broncos average 30.6-points per game, but through their last three games they’ve averaged 32.7-points per game. They are also averaging 4 touchdowns per game this season, a stat that improves to 4.7 per game through their last three games.  By contrast, the Raiders are averaging 16.1-points per game, but through their last three games their average is 16.7-points per game, which includes a 24-point account against the Seahawks. They are averaging 1.9 touchdowns per game. In their last outing, they had one of their better showings behind a three-touchdown effort.

Taking these averages, we can make some assumptions about how many touchdowns this game will deliver on both sides of the coin. If both teams stay true to their average touchdown production on the season, we can expect at the very least 4 to 5 touchdowns combined in this game, possibly even a high of 7, although that is a bit of a stretch. Indeed, bookies seem to agree as the OVER 4.5 is priced at -300 while the UNDER is priced at +225.

Delving deeper into the Two-way Total Touchdown props at Bet365, we even notice bookies like the OVER 5.5 at -138 better than the UNDER 5.5 at +100. But when we reach price tags for the OVER/ UNDER 6.5 total touchdowns, it’s the latter fancied at -188 instead of the former at +138. What we could interpret this to mean is that bookies expect the total touchdowns to settle on exactly 6 combined. Happily, that’s another NFL prop available for your NFL betting thrills. Backing Exactly 6 touchdowns in three-way Total Touchdown props is trading at tempting +450 NFL odds.

So there you have it. Additional NFL props to add to your wagering tickets for the weekend, over and above our recommended NFL picks for this game in earlier articles.

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