NFL Preseason Over/Under Picks for Week 3

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 1:33 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015 1:33 PM UTC

Here we’ve put together a comprehensive serving of over-under NFL picks for the entire slate in week 3 NFL preseason betting. Find out where we’re putting our money.

Week 2 Preseason NFL Betting Recap
Home teams had another solid turn on the preseason NFL betting floor, going 11-5-0 SU and 9-7-0 ATS in week 2. Favorites edged underdogs by the same mark while the OVER-UNDER settled on a modest 8-8-0 mark, down from week 1’s 9-7-0 mark in favor of the OVER. Overall, total betting in two weeks has the OVER edging the UNDER marginally with a 17-15-0 mark. Interestingly, we emerge with an identical over-under mark for our NFL picks in total betting markets through two weeks. So let’s continue in the positive with another good serving of game-by-game NFL picks for total NFL odds.


Patriots vs. Panthers O/U 44.0
The Patriots have been somewhat underwhelming through two rounds of the preseason, including Tom Brady in his limited play. Jimmy Garoppolo had a much better account in week 2 against the Saints, leading the Patriots to the 26-24 victory. Much better account overall than the 23-11 loss to the Packers. Bill Belichick doesn’t typically put a lot of stock in the postseason but this season is different. If Brady’s suspension isn’t overturned, Garoppolo will be calling the shots for the first 4 weeks of the season. He needs as much practice as he can get. Panthers, meanwhile, put up 25 points against the Bills and 30 points against the Dolphins, two teams renowned for their defences.

NFL Picks: OVER 44.0


Lions vs. Jaguars O/U 42.0
Matthew Stafford and his O-line have looked sharp in the preseason, as has his counterpart Blake Bortles and his O-line. Both Lions’ games have hit the UNDER while the Jaguars have gone 1-1 in OVER-UNDER betting, albeit the first game of the season was set to the tune of a rather low 36.5 total. Jaguars lost to the Giants in week 2 22-12. Against a stouter Lions defense they could struggle to put up points again.

NFL Picks: UNDER 42.0


Titans vs. Chiefs -O/U 43.0
The Chiefs are undefeated through two rounds behind wins over last year’s playoff teams Cardinals and Seahawks. They’ve put up 48 points (or an average of 24 points per game) while conceding 32 points (or 16 points per game). Against a somewhat porous Titans defense that has conceded 45 points in two games, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Chiefs take care of the bulk of this total. Indeed, it could get ugly at Arrowhead.

NFL Picks: OVER 43.0


Steelers vs. Bills O/U 42.5
The Steelers finally snapped their negative trend in the preseason with a 24-19 win over the Packers. Prior to that they lost back-to-back games to the Vikings and Jaguars and seemed to struggle offensively. Big Ben and the starters should see more play time in week 3 preseason NFL action, but it’s unlikely they’ll risk too much against a stout Bills defense.

NFL Picks: UNDER 42.5


Falcons vs. Dolphins O/U 44.0
Matt Ryan and his O-line have looked very good in the preseason. Same goes for Ryan Tannehill and his starters. With both offenses seemingly clicking, this game could serve up a right shootout. Dolphins are coming off a 30-point deposit in Carolina while the Falcons have put up 53 points in two games for an average of 26.5-points.

NFL Picks: OVER 44.0


Browns vs. Buccaneers O/U 41.5
Browns defense has looked respectable in the preseason, conceding 31 points (or 15.5 points per game) in two games. Offense though has lagged behind with just 27-points scored, of which 17 points were put up against the Redskins and 10 points were put up against the Bills. Buccaneers are riding the wave of their first home win since 2013, a 25-11 win over the Bengals. In two games, though, they’ve scored 4-points, which is an average of 20.5-points per game.

NFL Picks: UNDER 41.5


Vikings vs. Cowboys O/U 42.0
Cowboys aren’t really investing much into the preseason. Tony Romo and the starters have seen very limited action, and the team as a whole has struggled to post points, accounting for just 13 points in two games, which is the fewest in the league. Vikings, meanwhile, have been rolling through the preseason. If the Cowboys continue on this disinterested vein, the Vikings won’t need to go all out either.

NFL Picks: UNDER 42.0


Jets vs. Giants O/U 42.5
The Jets put up 30 points in a win over the Falcons in week 2 NFL betting while the Giants accounted for 22 points in a win over the Jaguars. As both sides look to work things out on both sides of the ball, this game could crack the 42.5 total.

NFL Picks: OVER 42.5


Bears vs. Bengals O/U 42.5
Bears have looked rather good under John Fox in the preseason and they descend on Cincinnati riding a two-game winning streak, having scored 25 points per game and conceded just 10.5-points per game. What’s more, Bears’ defense hasn’t been scored against in the second half of either game. If this solid trend continues this game could slip just UNDER the 42.5-point total. Bengals, meanwhile, are coming off a blasé 25-11 loss to the Buccaneers. They scored just 34 points and conceded 35 points in two games.  

NFL Picks: UNDER 42.5


Redskins vs. Ravens O/U 43.5
Both offenses have been working at a fast clip in the preseason. Ravens have accounted for 47 points while the Redskins have accounted for 41 points. Where the Ravens fall short of the mark is on the defensive side of the ball, having allowed a whopping 67 points. Only the Colts, Cowboys and Rams have a worse differential.

NFL Picks: OVER 43.5


Colts vs. Rams O/U 42.5
Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams haven’t been risking much in the preseason. Colts’ starters are resting for the most part while the Rams are fielding their second and third stringers s they focus on team decisions. Rams’ offense has produced 17 points while the Colts offense has produced a slightly higher 21 points in two games. On the defensive side of the ball, each has conceded over 25-points on average. This game could go either way, really.

NFL Picks: OVER 42.5


Eagles vs. Packers O/U 49.5
Eagles’ offense has looked brilliant in the preseason while the Packers offense, which we all know is spectacular, has been modest, if not conservative. Still, putting these two offensive-minded teams on the field against one another is alluring. If the billing lives up to NFL betting expectations, it should crack the high total on the NFL odds board.

NFL Picks: OVER 49.5


Seahawks vs. Chargers O/U 42.0
Seahawks offensive has looked cranky. They’ve only put up 33 points to the 36 points conceded in two games. Chargers defense has looked sharp allowing just 26 points in two games and on the offensive side of the ball there are plenty of positives.

NFL Picks: UNDER 42.0


Niners vs. Broncos O/U 42.5
Brock Osweiller has been playing at a fast clip and the Broncos overall looked to be in good form. Niners are still working things out and on both sides of the ball there are many question marks.

NFL Picks: UNDER 42.5


Texans vs. Saints O/U 44.0
After the Bears, the Texans have conceded the fewest amount of points at 24, which is an average of 12-points against. On offense, they account for 33 points over two games. The Saints, meanwhile, have put up 51 points and conceded 56 points. Sean Payton is saving Drew Brees in the preseason, resorting to backups instead. Texans have a quarterback battle between Mallet and Hoyer, mainly. How this game shapes up is anybody’s guess.

NFL Picks: OVER 44.0

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Cardinals vs. Raiders O/U 40.0
Cardinals descend on the Raiders in week 3 of NFL betting looking for their first win of the preseason. Carson Palmer and the starters have looked solid but the Cardinals are after conceding 56-points through two games. Raiders, meanwhile, are showing some of the promise expected.

NFL Picks: OVER 40.0 at Bet365

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