NFL Picks: Who Will Be The First Coach To Get Fired In The Upcoming Season?

Sunday, July 31, 2016 9:56 PM UTC

Sunday, Jul. 31, 2016 9:56 PM UTC

While the title might seem a little harsh for NFL betting fans, you can wager on stuff way worse than this all over the globe, this by comparison seems rather harmless, really.

<p><em>None of us really wants to see anyone fired, but in professional sports, it is a bottom line business, you either win or you're out, period.</em></p><p><em>We checked out the <a href="" title="Hone in on top odds by using SBR.">NFL odds </a>at a couple sportsbooks that had this prop and at this time I am turning this article over to my good friend and noted person-hater, Red Wydley, to explain which NFL head coaches could walk the plank first.</em></p><p>---</p><p>Sports bettors welcome to the dark side. Barring divine intervention, here is a list of head coaches that could contract settlements during the season.</p><p><strong>1) <a href="" title="Chargers Team Preview">Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers</a></strong> - After a strong debut at 9-7 and winning a playoff game in 2013, McCoy has seen his career path go as Oprah's Harpo Studios in Chicago (demolished). McCoy talked about last year's 4-12 record as just bad luck, with eight defeats by eight points or less. Yet he never mentioned three of the wins were by six points or less. McCoy is favorite at +350 and while he did not assemble this wretched roster, he's done little with what he has.</p><p><strong>2) <a href="" title="Detroit Lions 2016 Season Betting Preview">Jim Caldwell, Detroit Lions</a></strong> - Mr. Caldwell was lucky not to be fired last year after 1-7 start. He was saved by three things. Caldwell was 11-5 the year prior, which earned him the benefit of the doubt. The Lions finished 6-2 once put on full alert by the owner and this is same organization that kept Matt Millen as GM for like 20 years. Caldwell is right behind McCoy at +400 and one of two things happens. Either Detroit has carried over from second half success or they are as bad a Batman vs. Superman movie. I'll side with the latter.</p><p><strong>3) <a href="" title="Los Angeles Rams Free Game-by-Game Picks At A Glance">Jeff Fisher, Los Angeles Rams</a></strong> - In four years Fisher has never a winning team in St. Louis and he won't in LA-LA land either. Whatever he did well in Tennessee has disappeared like Val Kilmer as an actor. Let's not forget, Fisher did not have winning years in his last two years in Nashville and is 41-54-1 since 2009. I don't think he's a good bet +600, because if the Rams fire him during the return to L.A. this sets off negative karma, which actually matter out there. Fisher's done, just on Black Monday when the season is concluded.</p><p><strong>4) <a href="" title="Jaguars Win/Loss Season Predictions And NFL Picks">Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars</a></strong> What the he...sorry Doug, guest writers should be polite and I would not mind getting hired by these guys, let me start over. What the heck is in the water in Jacksonville? The Jaguars kept Jack Del Rio two years too long, were wise to cut ties with Mike Mularky are one, but are cool with Gus Bradley's 12-36 record? I get it you can't keep pushing coaches off the ledge, but hire the right front office people and get the house in order. Noah got the ark built and animals on board in less time than Jags turnaround. If Jacksonville is not 4-4 after Kansas City game, Gus at +1200 might be takin' the bus home.</p><p> </p><p>Others on the short road to nowhere are Jason Garrett and Sean Payton at +1400, followed by Chuck Pagano and Bill O'Brien at +1600. Of this group, the only possible in-season firing is Pagano at Indy, who could be Pa-gone-o.</p><p>In closing, count on McCoy to be the real McCoy for being shown the door first for<a href="" title="No monkey business at SBR, just free winning NFL picks."> NFL picks</a>, followed by Caldwell or Fisher.</p>
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