NFL Picks: Week 7 Premium Picks

Swinging Johnson

Saturday, October 19, 2013 12:52 PM UTC

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 12:52 PM UTC

Swinger looks to move in the right direction this week with two totals and a big play on a money line favorite. Is this square play a recipe for disaster or will he cash big in his NFL picks this week?

NFL Week 7: Swinger's Picks

Swinger's Record (7-11, -21.05 units) *Each wager is graded from 1 to 5 units*

Another 1-2 week with the Texans embarrassing not only themselves but every capper who wagered on them. Yes, I was one of them and also flamed with the underdog Bucs in my NFL picks last week as well. The only source of solace was the Baltimore Ravens who fought to the bitter end and covered with the three point spot they were given by the oddsmakers. If you bet it late and only got two, don't come cryin' to me.

So, we're in the proverbial shithouse this week. We've watched over 20 units come neatly out of our bankroll and into the hands of the big bad bookmakers who are no doubt buying Cristal by the case to intoxicate the bevy of courtesans catering to their every desire. But we're going to put an end to this debauchery and watch those working girls walk right out the door as we fleece the man this week.

Bengals vs. Lions

Track meet time. Sure Megatron may not be completely up to snuff but he's going to be playing and he'll be in better form than last week when he suited up but didn't really play. On the other side of the equation we have the equally impressive AJ Green who is being targeted more often than a pedophile at a maximum security prison. The Lions secondary won't stand a chance and the Bengals defense won't fare much better against the triumvirate of Stafford, Johnson and Bush.

Who wins, who loses -who cares?! Let's watch the sparks fly and the scoreboard light up as these two teams will put up a lot of crooked numbers. As I peruse the NFL odds I am liking the total that I'm seeing on this one.

Play Over 46 ½ for 3 units at


Bears vs. Redskins

Both teams are horrendous versus the pass. Chicago is ranked 29th while Washington is dead last. RGIII looked much more comfortable last week scrambling and that should spell doom for a lackluster Bears defense. Meanwhile Jay Cutler has taken the second fewest sacks in the league this year despite the fact that he looks like a scared school girl every time there's pressure. That means both QB's will be throwing early and often with scoring aplenty.

We're going with a theme in Week 7 and advising a play on Over in your sports picks for this one.

Play Over 49 for 3 units at


49'ers vs. Titans

I'm as square as a box of Apple Jacks on this one kids. Frank Gore should have little problem gashing this Titans run defense and Colin Kaepernick will have the benefit of chewing up some yardage on foot as well.

Ryan Fitzpatrick won't energize this lackluster offense as the Titans will continue to regress after last week's loss to the Seahawks and the Niners will enjoy a day to show the world they are indeed as good as advertised in the preseason. The public will love this road chalk (as they normally do) and so do I.

Play the 49'ers -180 on the money line at for 5 units because as of this writing they are currently installed as 3 ½ point favorites in NFL odds and I refuse to get clipped by the hook. If I'm going to buy it below the three then I might as well go all the way to zero.


The Woodman's Corner (3-3, -0.3 units) - Guest Handicapper

My good buddy the Woodman cashed easily with yet another underdog last week and he's nothing if not consistent advising all his acolytes to bet the farm on yet another pup, the Minnesota Vikings +3 ½ at in his NFL picks.

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