NFL Picks: Week 7 Fades & Games to Avoid

Doug Upstone

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 6:02 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 6:02 PM UTC

For this week, we have three games which could ruin your appetite and some sports picks that are like sitting and chowing down a brick of cheese. Read on to find out which games you should steer clear from in Week 7.

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Stay away from the following contests when placing your NFL picks this week.

AFC East Matchup Best to Pass On

As previously mentioned here at SBR Forum, Miami is as bad as it gets when it comes to being a home sports betting favorite. In the past 11 years, they are 11-33 ATS in that role, with their loss two weeks ago to Baltimore.

While Buffalo pushed Cincinnati to overtime, it would take a fair amount of intestinal fortitude to back the Bills with quarterback Jeff Lewis on the road.

The Miami defense should be able to make life miserable for Lewis, yet the Dolphins are ranked 24th in total defense after five games, and the coaches and players aren’t satisfied with that result. 

With a brutal spread home record and a below average defense, who feel comfortable handing out double digits? Conversely, backing a quarterback with very little experience in first ever NFL road game who seem to make anyone following the betting odds queasy.

Ravens and Steelers great game to watch, but betting….

Each season, two of the eight to hardest hitting battles in the NFL involve Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Besides the physicality, the games are usually close as noted by only three times in the last 22 meetings have the closing line by sportsbooks been greater than a touchdown. Of these confrontations, 59 percent or 13 times the spread has been four points or less and the favorite is merely 7-5-1 ATS, hardly something NFL football handicappers would cherish sending out either way.

Make sure to watch the game, maybe with a mouth guard and let somebody go through three hours of trying to beat the NFL odds on this head-buster.

Monday Night Ugliness

One of the most talked about contests this week will not be the ESPN Monday Night contest between Minnesota at 1-4 and the winless New York football Giants.

The Vikings are not fooling anyone having three NFL quarterbacks available to them, because presently it is evident none of them can play, which makes receiver Greg Jennings reasoning to go to the Land of 10,000 Lakes all the more silly to extract some measure of revenge against Green Bay.

The Giants are a laughable -16 in turnovers after only six games and at Monday’s practice, they had ONE healthy running back, rookie seventh-round draft pick Mike Cox.

Given the choice of wagering on this contest or watching Two Broke Girls on CBS, I’ll go with the latter.

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