NFL Picks: Week 5 Fades & Games to Avoid

Doug Upstone

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 12:36 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013 12:36 PM UTC

Which of the Week 5 matchups are we avoiding at all cost with our NFL picks? Find out which matchups we thing are sending up red flags, warning sports bettors to steer clear. You will be thanking us later, we promise.

In making NFL picks for this week, stay away from this trio of tilts like a food allergy. No matter what side or total you choose, it could cause a very bad reaction.

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It’s complicated in Nashville

As great as Kansas City has looked, Tennessee is 3-1 and its only defeat was to Houston in overtime. The Titans were on their way to a comfortable victory over the New York Jets when quarterback Jake Locker took a nasty hit. Reports on Monday have him out four to eight weeks, which means Ryan Fitzpatrick has to take over. 

Fitzpatrick is strictly backup material and his last two years in Buffalo were marred with poor decision-making and it cost the Bills dearly at times. While it is easy to surmise the Chiefs stroll into Nashville and take care of business as around a three-point road favorite according to sportsbooks, Tennessee has tasted success this season and playing at home, they should rally around the new signal caller and the defense further raises their level of play. 

The Titans will miss Locker long term, but to presume they cannot step up and make this a tight contest is foolhardy. 

Hot Mess in the this NFC East Encounter 

After years of quality competition, the NFL East has turned into the NFL Least with an overall 5-11 record. This season, NFL football handicapperss have to not find the strengths and weaknesses of the teams in this division; it is determining whose weaknesses are less costly. 

Philadelphia offensive linemen cannot block in pass protection and the defensive linemen cannot get off blocks and are being routinely taken advantage of. Michael Vick and Eagles perimeter stars need time to run the plays and having the ball also helps with the Philly defense unable to get off the field.

New York defensive lineman Justin Tuck said after the 31-7 whipping they suffered in Kansas City, that if any of his teammates turned on head coach Tom Coughlin, he will "punch him (them) in the mouth." This is a novel approach to build team unity after an unexpected 0-4 start. While Tuck’s teammates may not turn on the coach, indications are they might have already decided to quit playing hard and cash the checks. 

Trying to beat the NFL odds here is like painting your house, with a toothbrush. 

Top Teams still Unsettled 

Houston ended up with a 206 total yards edge over Seattle and still found a way to lose to the Seahawks, thanks to Matt Schaub’s inconceivable decision to throw the ball late, which was intercepted by Seattle and helped tie the game at 20-all. Doubters about Matt Schaub’s ability to lead the Texans to a Super Bowl are rising, especially with three pick six’s already this season. Despite the talent, Houston could be 0-4 heading to Frisco. 

At least San Francisco played well in the drubbing of St. Louis, which only halted the critics. The 49ers whipped the Rams up front, but this is unlikely to happen against J.J. Watt and his defensive crew. Colin Kaepernick played better against St. Louis, but that was with the benefit of a running game. 

On the presumption the Texans stall the Niners on the ground, does handing out a touchdown make your sports picks look better.

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