NFL Picks: Week 5 Betting With Loshak & His Pete’s Parlay Show

Peter Loshak

Saturday, October 10, 2015 5:28 PM UTC

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015 5:28 PM UTC

SBR's Peter Loshak shares his week 5 betting parlay, here he'll breakdown the public vs. sharp action in search of betting value to generate 4 plays worth adding to your NFL picks.

There are a number of big public-backed favorites in NFL Week 5 that will also be big teaser sides that will likely wind up burning the sportsbooks this week if they all cover against the NFL odds.

The Falcons, Packers, Patriots, and New York Giants are all favorites of a touchdown or more that the public is betting on heavily with straight bets, as well as loading up with in teasers. The only game out of those four where the underdog has reportedly seen sharp action so far is the Packers game, where the Rams took sharp money at +10. The other three games, though, have so far taken no notable sharp action to balance out the big public money.

One game that has taken big balanced action though, is the Saints/Eagles game, which has seen big two-way betting from both the sharps and the public. The line on that game has been bouncing around 5 all week, and will likely be a big winner for the books no matter how the game turns out, unless it lands exactly on 5, in which case most of the sharp action and a lot of the public action will cash.

One game with a notable sharp/public split taking shape this week is Buffalo at Tennessee. The Bills are starting to become a regularly public-backed team, and this week once again, the public is favoring them as a small road favorite. But the sharp money has clearly seen value with the Titans, biting at +3 and even at +2. 

And the Cincinnati Bengals, who have won and covered all four of their games so far this year fairly comfortably, including last week when the sharp money bet against them, are once again just a seemingly modest favorite in Week 5 against the Seattle Seahawks.

One side that has reportedly taken sharp action, which I also personally liked on the opening line Sunday night, is the Oakland Raiders as a decent-sized home dog to Denver. I included the Raiders in my Pete’s Parlay this week, to go along with three other NFL picks I like from NFL Week 5, all of them money line plays.

4-Plays Parlay NFL Picks:  Buccaneers -155 / Raiders +5 (-120) / Bengals -165 / Cardinals -155

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