NFL Picks: Week 17 Betting Odds Report

Jordan Sharp

Monday, December 23, 2013 8:01 PM UTC

Monday, Dec. 23, 2013 8:01 PM UTC

With Week 17's betting lines now posted, let's dive straight in and search for any early betting value for our NFL picks. Join us as we continue our look into NFL odds for the end of the NFL regular season.


27th Dec
Friday's Odds Report

By: Jordan Sharp

It’s Friday of Week 17, and this is my final NFL Odds update of the 2013 regular season! We finally have some late breaking NFL Odds, so let’s take a look and see what Santa and the sportsbooksbrought us for Christmas.

Packers vs. Bears

The Packers got early and late Christmas presents this year, and both could be season saving. The one they got before Christmas was the Eagles absolutely dominating the Bears in Week 16, and the one they got the day after is the news that Aaron Rodgers will start this week in Chicago for a chance to win the division. This game should be an insane contest, and the NFL Odds have the Packers as -3 favorites on the road, with a total of 53 points. With Rodgers missing several games, the Packers being -3 road favorites against the Bears may be a bit overvaluing them. Rodgers will at the very least have a little bit of rust, and even though the Bears’ defense has been horrendous, their offense is going to be able to keep pace with Green Bay. The Bears’ moneyline might not be a bad idea.



Eagles vs. Cowboys

The drama and uncertainty surrounding Tony Romo is finally over, and it was confirmed that he had surgery today and will not play for the rest of the season. With that news, the NFL Odds for this NFC East championship game haven’t changed too much, as the Eagles are now only -6 ½ favorites, with a total of 52 ½. With Kyle Orton starting for Dallas, the Eagles have to look like a good value, but Orton should not be completely overlooked. He has been backing up Romo in Dallas for a while, and his knowledge of the offense should be good. With a whole week of practice, don’t go blindly betting the Eagles.



26th Dec
Thursday's Odds Report

By: Jordan Sharp


It’s the final week of the regular season, and there are still NFL Odds out there that could have some value. Let’s take a look at a couple of late afternoon games that might be more than just intriguing.

49ers vs. Cardinals

The NFL Odds have the Cardinals as a +1 home underdog against the 49ers, with a total of only 42 points. The Cardinals have to win to keep their playoff hopes alive, while the 49ers also need a win to secure the 5th seed, and give them an outside shot at the division. The Cards pulled off the seemingly impossible in Week 16, and now they get a much healthier San Francisco team coming to town. While I do think the Cards are slightly undervalued here, it’s not more than a point. However this could be one of the better and closer games of the entire week.



Chiefs vs. Chargers

San Diego still has a very outside shot at the playoffs, and the Chiefs are locked into a wildcard slot in the AFC win or lose this week. Because of this, the Chargers are a -9 ½ favorite at home this week. Andy Reid has already come out and stated that his starter will probably only play on one or two series in this game, but obviously nothing has been made official yet. The Chargers need to win and have the Dolphins and Ravens lose this week to sneak into the playoffs, and while that’s a long shot, it is still very possible. The Ravens are playing on the road in Cincinnati, while the Dolphins play the Jets in Miami. Look for the Chargers to be pretty good value this week at -9 ½ if they are playing the Chiefs’ back ups.



24th Dec
Tuesday's Odds Report

By: Jordan Sharp


It’s the final week of the regular season, and the NFL Odds this week could have some great value, or some really tricky odds to navigate. Let’s take a look at some more of the NFL Odds this week, and maybe a couple of games that have just released odds.

Jaguars vs. Colts

The Colts head into Week 17 as the champs of the AFC South already, and they are currently sitting in the 4th seed, behind the Bengals. The only way they can move up is if they win and the Bengals lose, and with Cincinnati playing the Ravens, all things are possible. However, if the Colts have a huge lead in this game late in the game, I could easily see them sitting their starters. The NFL Odds have the Colts as -11 ½ favorites in this game, which makes it tricky. The Colts could rest their starters in the 4th with a two or three score lead, and the Jags could get a backdoor cover.



Bills vs. Patriots

The Patriots are in an interesting situation as well, as they head back home for a meeting with the Bills. The NFL Odds have the Pats as -10 favorites, but the lines are far from settled. Some sportsbooks have the spread around -9, while others are at -10 ½. The only way the Pats can grab the #1 seed is if they beat Buffalo and the Broncos lose in Oakland this week. While that may be improbably, it’s not impossible. The Pats will likely have to play this game to win, because if they lose, they are also in danger of potentially losing out on a bye week. Look for New England to keep their foot on the pedal, so don’t think they might sit players. They do get the pleasure of seeing what the teams behind them do in the early games, but with the Broncos playing at the same time, it’s a normal game for the Pats. 



23rd Dec
Monday's Odds Report

By: Jordan Sharp


It’s the final week of the regular season in the NFL, and although there are going to be several teams either playing young guys for rest or for evaluation purposes, so handicapping this week is going to be a crazy and possibly a valuable proposition. Here is a look at some of the most meaningful NFL Odds this week and see if they have any value to go along with their playoff implications.

Ravens vs. Bengals

Baltimore heads into Cincinnati this week with their playoff lives on the line. A week after getting dominated by the Patriots, the Ravens head west to play the Bengals, and the NFL Odds have Cincinnati as a -5 ½ favorite, with a total of 44 ½. If the Ravens can’t find their offense heading into Cincinnati, they are in serious trouble not only covering this game, but in their playoff hopes. The Ravens need the Dolphins to lose this week to even have a chance, and even with the possibility of the Bengals not playing too hard this week, the Ravens have no other option but to win. While I do think they have some value, the Bengals are going to have to rest a few guys for me to feel good about it.



Jets vs. Dolphins

The Dolphins are in if they win. Even after their horrible loss to the Bills this past week, the Dolphins are still holding on to the last wildcard spot. The NFL Odds for this one favor Miami at home by -6 ½, with a total of only 41 points. The Jets could easily come in and play spoiler to the Fins’ playoff hopes, as they played much better this past week on offense. The key to the game will be the Dolphins’ offensive line. The o-line could not even get close to protecting Ryan Tannehill this past week, and if the Jets’ pass rush has a big day, you can kiss the playoffs goodbye if you’re the Fins.



Bucs vs. Saints

After their loss to the Panthers this past week, the Saints finally head back home, and they welcome in the Bucs. The NFL Odds have New Orleans as a -12 ½ favorite, with a total of 47 points. At home, the Saints are a completely different team, and even though Tampa could come in and give them a game (they have already given the Seahawks a scare this season in Seattle) I doubt the Saints falter here. Since 2011, the Saints are 19-5 ATS when playing at home, and even though they are -12 favorites, I could see them winning by three here, or 30. This is probably a no-play.



Chiefs vs. Chargers

The NFL Odds have the Chargers as -10 favorites in this spot, with a total of 45 points. The Chiefs are one of only a few teams that have their playoff position locked up after Week 16, and Andy Reid has already come out and stated in his Monday press conference that he is open to resting players this week. The Chiefs are locked into the first wildcard spot in the AFC, and they will either play in Cincinnati or Indianapolis in Week 1 of the playoffs. The Chargers have to win this game and get a lot of help in order to make the playoffs, so if they are playing against backups, I would suspect they have a lot of value.


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