NFL Picks: Washington Redskins Win Totals & Game-by-Game Predictions

Nikki Adams

Thursday, June 25, 2015 8:45 PM UTC

Thursday, Jun. 25, 2015 8:45 PM UTC

The Washington Redskins rank amongst the teams with the lowest expectations on the NFL odds board. Can the Redskins surprise this season or will 2015 be yet another flop?

Washington Redskins?
Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. Nope. Got nothing. There are too many lingering issues from last season that leave us with a negative impression. Jay Gruden and RGIII butting heads. Off field antics and locker room strife. Airing dirty laundry at media pressers (didn't mama teach you anything?)...and it goes on. Let's not forget there really isn't much football to talk about after a 4-12 season, which went well UNDER their ambitiously projected season win total of 7.5 for 2014. It's worth mentioning here that we correctly predicted the Redskins would finish bottom of the NFC East pile and projected the UNDER at -135 NFL odds for our NFL picks last season. 

This season odds makers are being prudent by sending the Redskins on a 6.5 season win total with the OVER trading at +120 NFL odds and the UNDER favored at -150. That's telling. They are tied with the Giants on the 20th toughest NFL schedule with a 0.478 winning percentage. Consider last season they had the 17th toughest NFL schedule with a 0.490 winning percentage, the difference is hardly worth considering. What's more, if they could only muster up four wins with a modest schedule, it's hard to make a case for a higher win total this season. Until proven otherwise this is a side that is more likely to continue propping up the NFC East. 

That said here are our game-by-game predictions for the Redskins.


Week 1: vs. Miami (home), Sunday, Sept 13 at 1 PM
The first thought that springs to mind when contemplating this game is Ndamukong Suh flattening RGIII (must be the pancake for breakfast, teehee).  That's all she wrote.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 0-1


Week 2: vs. St. Louis (home), Sunday, Sept 20 at 1 PM
Opening a season with back-to-back losses isn't ideal, but how do the Redskins avoid it with the stout Rams coming to town with a shiny new quarterback in Nick Foles. The Philadelphia castoff may not be an elite quarterback but he can sure do some damage and combined with the Rams' defense, the Redskins could be left reeling in the nation's capital with the NFL season only two weeks old.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 0-2


Week 3: vs. NY Giants (road), Thursday, Sept 24 at 8:30 PM 
The first Primetime game of the season for the Redskins sets them up against the divisional rival New York Giants. Well, it wasn't much of a rivalry last season. As bad as the Giants were, they still swept the series over the Redskins. There's little evidence of that changing this season.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 0-3


Week 4: vs. Philadelphia (home), Sunday, Oct 4 at 1 PM
A second straight divisional rivalry on the books features in week 4 NFL betting. A home date with the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly is still sore about this matchup. Last season's week 16 loss to the Redskins in Washington effectively ended their playoff bid. This has the feel of a revenge game.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 0-4


Week 5: vs. Atlanta (road), Sunday, Oct 11 at 1 PM
This could be a very interesting matchup because of some of the ex-Redskins on the Atlanta Falcons' staff. The Redskins' seemingly improved defense could give the Falcons' attractive offense some headaches. On the flipside, if RGIII can get his act together he could give the Falcons defense something to think about. It's a tossup, but it could be the first win on the season for the Redskins. Or not. We're feeling charitable.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 1-4


Week 6: vs. NY Jets (road), Sunday, Oct 18 at 1 PM
The New York Jets figure to be a good team in 2015 according to many NFL betting experts with some of the offensive weapons that they've added. The quarterback situation is still dicey with Geno Smith, but Ryan Fitzpatrick could bring a level headed approach to this side if he gets the start. The Redskins weren't good on the road last season, pulling off a 1-7 SU record.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 1-5


Week 7: vs. Tampa Bay (home), Sunday, Oct 25 at 1 PM
Just like last season, the Washington Redskins will find a way to lose to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As bad as the Redskins were in 2014, the Bucs were worse by the numbers, producing a 2-14 record. Yet, the Redskins lost 27-7. The Bucs may be in rebuild mode, but second year coach Lovie Smith has made some good moves. More importantly, he looks to have the respect of the locker room. Not something that can be said about the Redskins' camp right now.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 1-6


Week 8: BYE


Week 9: vs. New England (road), Sunday, Nov 8 at 1 PM
It's really nice that the Redskins get a bit of respite before what is sure to be a forgettable outing to Gillette Stadium. They might as well not bother showing up and just ship the "W" to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 1-7


Week 10: vs. New Orleans (home), Sunday, Nov 15 at 1 PM
The New Orleans Saints aren't the best road team in recent seasons and that might have the Redskins fancying their chances for a home win at the expense of elite quarterback Drew Brees. It's possible, but we have no joy in this call.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 2-7


Week 11: vs. Carolina (road), Sunday, Nov 22 at 1 PM
The Carolina Panthers finished the season strong despite a subpar record at the conclusion of the regular season. If they continue on that verve and swagger, they should have RGIII's number. The defense can play tough and if they can give Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks some fits, they should have a field day with the Redskins.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 2-8


Week 12: vs. NY Giants (home), Sunday, Nov 29 at 1 PM
The Giants have been dialled into this matchup in good times and bad times. Last season, they swept the series winning 45-14 in Washington and 24-13 in NY. We expect another convincing deposit by the Giants against their lowly divisional rivals.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 2-9


Week 13: vs. Dallas (home), Monday, Dec 7 at 8:30 PM
Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys ride into town at dusk only to ride off before sunrise with a crucial "W". The Cowboys are the faves to win the NFC East title, thereby pulling off a successful divisional defense campaign. Winning this game falls into the plan.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 2-10


Week 14: vs. Chicago (road),  Sunday, Dec 13 at 1 PM
The Washington Redskins take on a revamped Chicago Bears in week 14 NFL betting. John Fox is the new guy with the clipboard, but it remains to be seen whether Jay Cutler will still be calling the shots. On the coaching side, the Bears look good. Can anybody trust Jay Cutler? This could be one that just falls the way of the Redskins and deludes RGIII into feelings of grandeur: like he's an elite quarterback.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 3-10


Week 15: vs. Buffalo (home), Sunday, Dec 20 at 1 PM
If the Bills defense is as good as it was last season, RGIII better make sure his armour is well and truly fastened. This could get ugly in the nation's capital. That said, the quarterback situation in the Bills' camp is a question mark. Would anybody put money down on EJ Manuel?

NFL Picks: Win
Record 4-10


Week 16: vs. Philadelphia (road), Saturday, Dec 26 at 8:25 PM 
For a second straight season, the Eagles and Redskins collide in week 16 NFL betting. This time it's a home game for the Eagles and they'll be on high alert, especially if the NFC East title is on the line. Last season's 27-24 loss to the Redskins in week 16 NFL betting in Washington ended their playoff bid and rendered what was essentially a great season, pointless. Chip Kelly goes for a symbolic win here, thereby getting his vindication.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 4-11


Week 17: vs. Dallas (road), Sunday, Jan 3 at 1 PM
RGIII vs. Tony Romo in the final week of the season? Pleeeease... Do we need to say more?

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 4-12


NFL Betting Verdict: We arrive at exactly the same number as last season: 4-12. Shocker! Whichever way you slice the Redskins this season, you'll be hard pressed to convince any avid NFL follower that this is going to be a competitive team when neither coach nor quarterback are sufficiently proven entities. Hence, the reasonable NFL pick and the only one we can comfortable recommend is that of the UNDER 6.5 at -150 NFL odds at Bovada.

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