NFL Picks: Washington Redskins NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 7:09 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 8, 2013 7:09 PM UTC

The Redskins have a lot of expectations coming into the 2013 season. There is one glaring question surrounding this team that could either make them a bargain right now, or an overvalued mess.

Washington Redskins future odds update

They could be somewhere in between, but if a certain ligament in a certain someone’s knee isn’t heeled relatively quickly, this team might be in a bit of a mess heading into the regular season. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting future odds of any team in the NFL with a look into the Washington Redskins.

Super Bowl (+2800)

Bet365 has the Redskins sitting at 28/1 to win the Super Bowl next season, and they look to be pretty adequately priced. They are not the biggest Super Bowl favorite in their division, but some seem to think they should be, which would make 28/1 a steal of an NFL pick. The Redskins have what it takes to win a Super Bowl, but the only problem is they are in the NFC. There are just too many big question marks, like the health of Robert Griffin III or Pierre Garcon, or the affect their lack of a presence in free agency will have on their team. While they may be a better Super Bowl bet in 2014, the Skins have a lot going for them right now if the right things can fall their way.

NFC (+1400)

Once again, if they were in the AFC, I’d take the Skins to win that conference next season, but that is not the reality we live in. Unfortunately for the Redskins, the NFC is going to be extremely competitive this season. With the exception of a handful of teams, about ten or eleven teams have legitimate playoff chances this season. Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if RG3 wasn’t ready by Week 1 and missed enough time to knock the Skins out of the playoffs, eliminating their chances to upset a big team? That is why we have to sell on the Skins this offseason in the NFL Future Odds. I will say that I think they will win the division, however those future odds aren’t out yet. By the time we come back to the Skins in the next several weeks, we might be able to develop an offseason-betting plan for Washington. We also might know a bit more on Griffin’s situation. 

My Take

It remains to be seen what value the Redskins will hold when the season comes. They are traditionally overvalued and I don’t think RG3’s knee will have much of an effect on their odds one way or the other. They will be compensated to reflect whether or not he is healthy or not. But if Rex Grossman gets out there, it’s fade time.

Like I said above, the Skins are an investment you are going to want to make as soon as you can for 2014. This season they might get back to the playoffs, but we don’t know if RG3 is Derrick Rose or Adrian Peterson with his ACL surgery.

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