NFL Picks: Tennessee Titans NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 7:55 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 8, 2013 7:55 PM UTC

Even though they aren’t going anywhere this season, the Titans could still have some value in other places, even though they hold no value in the NFL future odds this season.

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The Titans are going through a lot of growing pains, and those could spill over into the season. However, they could also turn out to be a team with some value this season when the games come around, so let’s take an in depth look at the Titans this offseason, and see if they will be tail or fade material come the 2013 season.

Super Bowl (+8000) 

The Titans are one of the five teams who have the worst NFL odds associated with them this season. It’s obvious this team isn’t going to be very good, but there is still hope by some that they could have some surprising value in the season. Although they are adequately priced in the Super Bowl odds, will they hold value in the season? It’s hard to say. They have addressed some of their weaknesses, like the interior of their offensive line, and the wide receiver position. However even though they have been trying to make a conscious effort to improve the defense, they won’t be there this season. There are still some names out on the free agent market that the Titans could go after, but in the end, Tennessee looks to be pretty even when it comes to NFL betting value anywhere.

AFC (+4000)

So far the Titans haven’t made much noise in the free agent market, but there is still time and names out there. Rumors out recently have John Abraham and Dwight Freeney both interested in the Titans, which would help their pass rush out tremendously. In the end however, I think the Titans are still slightly undervalued right now. Obviously you’re not putting a bet on them to win the Super Bowl or the AFC, but when it comes down to their games, I see Tennessee being a money making team this season. They were only 6-10 ATS last season, but this time last season the Titans were way overvalued. I think times have changed, and we might see the Titans as a 9-7 ATS team this upcoming season. Don’t hold your breath, but it does appear they will be better than 6-10 SU, which was their 2012 record.

My Take

The quarterback situation is the only thing to really get concerned about with this team, but if Jake Locker can stay healthy and continue to progress, I think he has what it takes to make this team at the very least watchable. Although I don’t see them as undervalued in the future odds, I still hold that they will be undervalued when it comes down to their games.

I don’t even think it will be early in the season either. The Titans have a really tough first half of their schedule, so fading this team early just to tail them after their bye week might be the way to go. After their Week 8 bye, the Titans’ schedule gets a ton easier. 

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