NFL Picks: Tennessee Titans AFC South Division Future Odds

Jordan Sharp

Saturday, May 25, 2013 11:37 AM UTC

Saturday, May. 25, 2013 11:37 AM UTC

The Titans were the rollercoaster team of 2012, and coming into 2013 they have some of the same question that plagued them in 2012.

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Tennessee Titans future odds update

They have made some improvements on the defensive end of the football, but they still have a lot left to be desired on the offensive end.

The Titans come into the NFL divisional future odds in the AFC South at +700, third out of four teams in the current odds. There is almost certainly no value in betting the Titans to win the division this season; however there still could be some value in the Titans. They were pretty bad ATS last season at 6-10, but they were 9-7 cashing the over.

While they won’t have much value this offseason, they do have the potential to be undervalued. The problem is they could also be wildly overvalued as well. They have a wide range of possibilities this season, and almost all of it depends on Jake Locker. This Titans team could have some upside if Locker plays like he did at points of the 2012 season, then again they could look like they did at the end of the season as well. It’s really hard in May to make a decision on some teams, and the Titans are one of them.

It’s not like they are without upside. They are much better off than their divisional counterpart the Jaguars, but other than Chris Johnson running the ball on offense, they don’t have that many reliable options to move the ball down the field. Locker was shaky at times last season and at this point in his career he cannot be relied upon to get the ball to less than reliable receivers. Kenny Britt is either in trouble or injured, and while Kendall Wright showed signs of light, he is not the X receiver they need right now to be competitive.

If a few things go right for them this season, they could end up having value. For starters they need stability on offense, both under center and at the skill positions. They spent this entire season focused on upgrading the offensive line, and that should pay dividends for Johnson’s numbers, considering he has been known to bash the o-line. At this point, if he has a bad 2013, he has nothing left to blame it on.

Much like the Titans, the only way to stay in this division is run the football, and I expect Johnson to have a heavy workload this season with a new offensive line. Johnson rebounded in 2012 to average 4.5 yards per carry, and he finished with over 1200 yards, but only 6 touchdowns. If the Titans can control the clock, they will have value, but if they get a stop on defense and start to turn the ball over as well, the Titans will fall right out of value’s arms.

I’m putting the wait and see tag on Tennessee this season. It’s just too early to tell if they will be a good addition to our NFL Picks this upcoming season. 

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