NFL Picks: Super Bowl Entertainment Prop Betting Picks

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Thursday, January 31, 2013 4:48 PM UTC

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 4:48 PM UTC

Why limit your Super Bowl picks to the action going between the Ravens and 49ers? Here are some of our favorite Entertainment prop betting predictions for you to add to your Super Bowl picks this weekend.

While everyone is debating the their Super Bowl Picks for the final score of the game, we take a moment to discuss who’s wearing what, how long hugs will be and will Beyonce being showing off her cleavage when she takes the stage at the halftime show?

Before we get into this year's Entertainment Prop options, let us invite you to check out some of the other Super Bowl prop betting options that we have already locked in for this weekends big game.

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Beyonce - Will she be showing cleavage first song

Yes -500

No +300

Jay-Z’s girl was all about the cover-up when she sang the inauguration…in more ways than one. Apparently she covered up the fact that she was lip syncing while she also covered up those big, beautiful, bodacious ta-tas.

If you recall she was in a very formal black dress and her cleavage never saw the light of day. But this is a very different occasion. This is the Super Bowl and there ain’t no way Beyonce isn’t going to show off her great divide to the hundreds of millions of wankers in the audience of which I am a throbbing member in good standing.

But the problem is the prop is currently -500 for Yes at Betonline. So that means we have to wrap this prop in a parlay. And what better prop to package her package with than a bet on what color her package will be? That’s right Bovada is offering Super Bowl odds on what predominant color her top will be at the beginning of the halftime show. I’m thinkin’ gold baby! Now that just happens to be the second favorite at 5/2 with black checking in as the chalk on the board. Now if my calculations are correct that parlay will net you a little north of 3-1. Your sports picks have now veered into the twilight zone of props betting so let’s cash this winner at halftime!

How long will the post-game handshake/hug last between Jim & John Harbaugh?

Over 6 seconds -105

Under 6 seconds -135

I love this prop because we’re talkin man-love here. But I grant you six seconds is a long time to be in the throes of a warm embrace. Now I’ve heard about guys huggin’ and lovin’ it up at the SBR Bash that would blow this total out of the water because that’s what alcohol can do to you. But these guys won’t have any of the sinful medicine inside of them when they shake hands/hug at midfield so we’ve got to rule that out. 

But they’re brothers and don’t forget, Mom and Dad are in the audience. So I think they’re going to milk this Kodak moment for all it’s worth. This isn’t like a boxing or an MMA match where the winner hangs on his vanquished foe, pats the same head he just tried to decapitate and puts him in a bear hug while the loser begrudgingly hugs on back and then eagerly searches for the nearest exit. No this is goin to be nothing but love so I say take the dog and go Over 6 seconds -105 at

How many times will Jay-Z be shown on TV during the game?

Under ½ (-120)

Over ½ (-120)

The Super Bowl is like a heavyweight title fight. All the beautiful people show up and the event is more than happy to show them off to all of us slouches who aren’t as pretty or as filthy stinkin’ rich (I’m not bitter). Well, Jay-Z just happens to be a media mogul and rap royalty who will be accompanying his queen, Beyonce, to the NFL’s biggest stage. If the cameras can find him in one of the many luxury box suites then you can bet your pigskin he’ll be scowling back at the entire world (rap guys don’t smile). So we’ll pluck a few bucks down on Over ½ at that Jay-Z will make an appearance on Super Sunday.

Get the most for your money

It always pays to shop around, and for that reason we have compiled all of the best Super Bowl Prop Betting Odds and posted them side by side for your convenience. Best of luck to you and your Super Bowl picks this weekend.

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